Some Favorite Photos

I was going through my Flickr Photostream tonight, and wanted to show you some of my favorite photos.  I’ll add more as I find them, and take them.


My Daughter as Drum Major for the Annondale Marching Atoms


The Cruise Ship “Celebration” heading to sea.

Derelict BW

A moldering sailboat tied up just north of the Atlantic Boulevard Bridge.


The Fresnel lens of the St. Augustine Lighthouse.


Gargoyle at the Florida Theater.

Gull 1

Put up a post and a bird will sit on it.

Hodges Sunset

A spectacular sunset over the pond behind Busy and Tim’s house.


Mike Stuck.

Pelican 1

Pelican in profile.

Pelican 2

You kids get off my lawn!


3 responses to “Some Favorite Photos

  1. Busy

    Hey, great pics. I typed in hurricane neptune beach and got YOU!! What a nice suprise.

    Love ya

    • Meloni Rittinger Grubb

      I seen your name and it peaked my curiousity to see if this was you or not. How long has it been since you were in Chillicothe? Don’t miss the smell of the Mead Paper Mill, I bet!?
      Find me on facebook!
      Hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday

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