Life’s a Beach Recommends…

Perhaps a short list at first, but as I find things I’d like to recommend, I’ll post them here.


Brendal Sign 2

Brendal’s Dive Center on Green Turtle Cay in Abaco, The Bahamas.  While Brendal’s is the only dive shop on the tiny island, I’ve not found a friendlier or more experienced dive operation in all my travels.

Brendal and Mary will work hard to assure your diving experience on GTC is fun, safe, and unique.  Brendal knows the best spots and his way around them  like he drew the charts himself.  Since there aren’t a dozen other dive boats on the island, you’re pretty much guaranteed a quiet dive site.  And when the diving’s done, there’s an ample supply of Goombay Smash.


Safe, but wild.  Diving with Slate is always an adventure.  Cap’n Slate will put a fish in his mouth and feed the morays, and has the scars to prove it.  Or there are the photos documenting it on the website.  Slate’s dive center is in Key Largo, and will be my choice when we finally have a chance to dive Speigle Grove.  Slate runs several boats out into John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park, and other dive sites off Key Largo.

Birds UW

Birds Underwater Manatee  Tours.  We swam with the manatee with Birds several  years ago, and it’s an experience we’ll never forget.  I knew I liked manatee before we went, but once you’ve experienced them up close and personal, you’ll just say “wow”.

Social Networking:

I’m just learning my way around the social networking scene … and I’m currently actively networking on three sites.


For the fun stuff.  I’m connected with some colleagues here, but also family, old high school friends, and others I’ve met along the way.

LI For professional networking.  Here, I’m connected with many old and new business contacts, and participate in forums focused on the broadcasting and new media industry.


Just because someone might be interested in what I’m doing or what I have to say. Also to track breaking news story ideas.

If you decide to get in touch through these sites … please let me know you found it from “life’s a Beach”.


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