Winding Things Down

Two weeks post-election and the reality that it’s over is really sinking in. The week has been pretty busy, getting back into the routine of my regular work, along with finally getting back to the JCCI Jobs Study and my first Chamber event since since election day. Downtown Council moved a meeting to lunch this week, and that was a great way to get back into things with the Chamber of Commerce.

Lakeland-Severe-Weather-0311e So, too busy this week to give the election much thought. With a major project for Aero-News getting the April 1st content ready to post, and then the severe weather down in Lakeland which disrupted the Sun ‘n Fun Airshow (thanks to Nate Calvin for the photo), the end of the week was even busier than the beginning. But today was Saturday, and it was time to really winding it down.

The day started well enough. The first Saturday of each month, Neptune Beach Vice-Mayor (and our neighbor down the street) Kara Tucker gets a bunch of people together to clean up the street that runs behind my house. I’d heard them several times on a Saturday morning while sitting on my back porch drinking coffee and reading the paper. A few months ago, I realized these people were cleaning up the street BEHIND MY HOUSE, and I should be out there helping. So that was this morning’s project, picking up trash along about a mile of Florida Boulevard. It usually takes less than an hour, and we all wind up with a big bag of trash. Then, it’s off to Beach Diner for breakfast, and usually good conversation about politics. Everyone who was helping this morning is a member of our Republican club, and breakfast conversation was about the runoff in the Mayor’s race, as well as a couple of the At-Large City Council races still to be decided.

I’ve likened this to being on a roller coaster. We all clack-clack-clacked up to the top of the hill, and election day was like the long drop from the top. Now, those in run-off contests are clack-clack-clacking up the hill once again. I’d have been thrilled to be one of them, but  not to be.

Yard SignAfter breakfast, I realized that I hadn’t mowed the grass almost since I opened the campaign account last fall. But before I could mow, I had to move the campaign signs I had pulled up and brought back to the house. Not only did I have to move signs to be able to mow the grass, I had to move signs to be able to unearth the mower from the garage. That’s where it started. I turned over a big trash can and started piling in the coroplast signs that had encouraged people to vote for me. Signs dealt with, i gassed up the mower and pulled the chord. Low and behold, it started on the 2nd pull.

Grass mowed, I looked around for another project to check off the list. And then, I looked at my poor car.

I’ve practically lived in that car for the past 6 months, and it was full of stuff. Campaign stuff and empty PET bottles and coffee cups and other detritus. So, I decided it was the day to clean out the car. I filled up three plastic grocery bags with just trash, and tossed I don’t know how many empty water and green tea bottles into the recycling. It was when I got to the trunk, and found an entire unopened box of rack cards that It kind of hit home. I knew they were back there, but it was kind of difficult to pick up that box, as well as the open box that I’d been doling out rack cards from all campaign, and just toss them in the trash with the signs.

I still have the final financial report to do, and a bunch of stuff in the office that I can also get rid of. I’ll keep one of each piece just to have them here.

Bike sm Tomorrow, after breakfast with the usual Sunday breakfast bunch, I’ve got a project to do at the marina. The AM/FM radio on the boat got jarred loose when i was out last weekend … and I need to get that put back together. And … my bike will be finished tomorrow, so I’ll be able to pick that up at the bike shop. Getting it back in shape will only cost me about a third of what I paid for it in the first place. But with the bike back, and time to ride it, I’m determined to get myself back into something resembling shape this summer.

That means eating less, too. Wish me luck.




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