Time Lapse

This is fun. It’ll be a very short post, but I’ve let the blog languish for so long that I doubt anybody’s paying attention anymore anyway.

Mom’s night blooming Cerius was blooming again tonight. I finally figured out the time-lapse function on my camera, and this is the result …

Night Blooming CeriusOK … apparently you have to click on it to get the animation effect in a new window. Not sure why that is. I can see the animation in every editor. Give it a minute to let all the animation frames load.

Anyway, this was shot taking a frame every 30 seconds over the course of about half an hour. You don’t realize how quickly the flower opens until you see it like that. Sorry about the shifting light, but I had to put a flashlight on it … just at the fringe so it didn’t way overexpose … and holding it stead was, well, impossible.

I’m off to Wisconsin Friday for AirVenture at Oshkosh. I’ll try to update a few times from there, and the blog will hopefully pick up shortly after that. I’ve let it languish too long, and it’s time to write again.

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