Where Did She Go?

The writing muse is still evading me … or avoiding me. Probably more like the latter. It seems I can sit and look at a blank page on Window’s Livewriter for hours without an inspiration, but I’m going to try to get something going here anyway.

I’ve been reading a lot about the volcano in Iceland that has caused so much havoc in Europe for air travel. Volcanic ash just is not good for airplane engine parts, to be sure, but the other thing that crossed my mind is how much CO2 has Eyjafjallajökull spewed into the atmosphere with nary a carbon credit in sight. A lively debate is underway, with no less publication than Newsweek claiming that the reduction of CO2 from airplanes not flying in Europe all week more than offset what came out of the volcano. I’m not so sure I’m convinced on that score, but I’m certainly not surprised it was published.

"There was more reduction in CO2 from airplanes not flying all week than in the amount that came from the volcano," says Alan Robock, an environmental scientist and volcanologist at Rutgers University.

Of course, one scientist does not a scientific conclusion make. It seems like a bit of a trite statement to me. I do know it’s had me humming “I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blow” all week.


I’m wrestling some with planned obsolescence. My Nikon has schmutz on the digital sensor, and it’s gotten ‘welded’ on, in the vernacular. Somehow, the dust got an electrical charge and it’s stuck to the digital sensor, and the gentle breeze generated by the bulb-style cleaners isn’t budging the stuff. So what to do? Cleaning the sensor is something that Nikon recommends only be done by a professional, and that’s going to be an expensive proposition. By the time I’d pay shipping for the camera body and the cleaning, not to mention being without it for who-knows-how long, and there’s not exactly a “loner camera” program at the local camera store.

So the other option is just to go ahead and upgrade to the D3000, which is the follow-on product to the D-40 I own. And honestly, it’s not that much more money. It just seems like there should be another option, though, and I certainly can’t afford to buy a new camera every time there’s schmutz on the sensor. To make matters even more absurd, I’ve got a pretty sizable investment in the Nikon AF-S lenses that auto-focus with the D-40 and the D-3000, but not anything else. And even with Lasik surgery and diopter correction on the viewfinder, I just can’t seem to get the manual focus to focus any more. At least, not with any consistency. I’ll save the debate for whether digital and autofocus technology has made us lazy photographers for another day, but for getting a shot quickly, there’s nothing like it., But it does mean I can’t go all the way to a D-5000, which shoots HD Video and time lapse. The D-3000 is still pretty basic. Hopefully, at some point, Nikon will offer an upgraded camera body that will have some of those features and still allow the AF-S glass to autofocus.

I’m thinking probably my best bet is to bite the bullet and do both … upgrade to the D-3000 AND have the D-40 professionally cleaned. At least then next time I’ll have something to shoot while the other is out for cleaning.


Meanwhile, the weather has been as good as it gets for Florida. I do love the springtime here. Low to mid 80’s, warm sunshine … OK, the pollen is problematic, but if you can keep from sneezing, it’s not too bad. In a few weeks it’ll be beastly hot, and I won’t be complaining because I complain about what passes for cold in the wintertime.

I did get the season’s first mowing out of the way last weekend … and we mow twice as often and twice as long as most places in the country. Started in April, and I’ll mow until November. Twice a week at the worst of it. But it’s part of the price we pay for living where it’s SUPPOSED to be warm about 90 percent of the year. This winter was an aberration I hope isn’t repeated for a long time.


So really, just grasping at straws trying to find my writing groove again. It’s been an overwhelming 18 months … and if you’ll buy me a scotch and a cigar and are the least bit interested, I’ll tell you about it. But it’d take more than a beer, and it’s far from over. For those of you who have stayed with me here, thanks. I’m still hoping that at some point I’ll find my voice again, and when I do, you’ll be the first to know.

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