It Finally Happened

I’ve written in the past about people who must also have the first initial “T” and the last name “Patton” who have for some reason convinced themselves that “” is their e-mail address. For the record, it’s mine, it’s been mine for years, and I’m not about to let it go. But for a couple of years, I’ve had people sign up for MySpace accounts using that e-mail, dating sites, kids game sites, real-estate listings, political tracts, car dealer information … pretty much you name it.

And I’ve gotten an increasing amount of misdirected e-mail. I’ve had to let employers know that whom ever it was that had given them the e-mail when applying for a job wasn’t going to make the interview. I’ve sent back communications from lawyers, inter-office e-mail, invitations to RV gatherings … it’s been a pretty amazing and eclectic collection of errors.

But today, I finally got what I knew would eventually come.

Random Butt Someone sent me a picture taken in a bathroom of some woman’s fairly ample behind … a self-portrait, if you will, taken apparently with her iPhone or Blackberry in the bathroom mirror. Tramp Stamp plainly in evidence …

I’ve gotten other photos, family snapshots and such, all from African-American folks because the most frequent abuser of my e-mail address is a woman named Tamika, I think. I don’t know if she’s purposely using it or just doesn’t know any better. I don’t know if this is her butt, which she may have tried to e-mail to herself from her iPhone, or if it’s one of her friends trying to impress her, or a guy trying to make her jealous … or if it’s not connected with her at all.

But I did know this would eventually happen. It’s a cautionary tale, I suppose, and I resisted the urge to write “cautionary tail”. Be careful if you decide to use some fake e-mail to try to avoid getting spam in your inbox, because eventually somebody’s going to send you a picture of their butt.

And it might wind up here.

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