I clicked on the blog today at just the right moment. I managed to catch it with the SiteMeter showing exactly 20,000 individual visitors.20000 Visitors

This is quite a milestone for me. When I started “Life’s a Beach” in August 2007, I didn’t have any idea I’d stay with it for two and a half years, let alone have people come to see what I had to say.

Now, a lot of those visits are from repeat readers, which is cool. I can tell sometimes just from the URL on SiteMeter who has stopped by. The downside is, if someone doesn’t click through to more than one page, I don’t know how much time they’ve spend reading. So whether it’s a half a minute to scan the lead post on the page, or if they read all the way to the bottom of the page … 6 or 7 posts … there’s no way to know.

Then, too, I’m sure there are people who click through from a tag that gets thrown up on the WordPress homepage who hit the site, realize it’s not something they want to read, and quickly click on to something else. But occasionally, I’ll find someone who’s stayed and read for 20 or 30 minutes, looking at 6 or 7 pages … and there’s no way for me to know which pages they are. All I get is where they came in, and where they leave.

Hollywood SignSomething else that surprises me is which pages have been most popular. It seems that two posts, one called “Hollywood in Black and White”, where I’ve posted some photographs I took in Hollywood when I was there for a meeting and converted them to monochrome. I don’t know what they’re expecting when they find that page, but it gets hit a lot. I was in Hollywood for all of about 48 hours, but that page is one of the most popular over two and a half years.

Another popular post is one called “Stealth Boat and Summer Travel Roulette", in which I posted some photos of a stealth boat that was parked at the marina for a Stealth Boat 1few weeks waiting for repairs.  It was certainly an interesting looking vessel, but I didn’t get a chance to go on board. The other part of that post had to do with booking flights for a trip to the Bahamas, along with a bunch of other travel we had that summer. Not doing a lot of that now. But for some reason, rarely a day goes by than I don’t have multiple hits on those two pages.

As only the Interwebs can do, I was contacted by a person who was planning to buy a boat in which I had been a partner in Maryland. I’d written about it in a series of posts about sailboats that have owned me. It was so odd to talk with a complete stranger about that boat. He wound up buying her, and I hope he’s having as much fun as we did. He wrote after the purchase that he’d found a child-sized PFD on board that had been my daughter’s. Nice to know she’s still seaworthy, and someone is sailing her.

In all, it’s been a long, strange trip writing this blog. No reason not to keep it up, though I’ve found fewer opportunities to do so of late. Or I haven’t taken the opportunities like I used to. But thanks to everybody who’s been reading. I’ll try to continue posting as long as you do.

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