No Rest For The Weary

It’s been a long week and a long weekend. The good news is, the weather was pretty lousy all weekend, so I didn’t really miss much as far as fun stuff was concerned, but the bad news was, I spent more hours than I really would have liked sitting right here … working on one project or another. Ah, the life of the unintentional entrepreneur.

First, the fun stuff.


The Improv Effect had a really good show at The Comedy Zone Tuesday night. It was our first “Improv Only” show, and we drew a good crowd through some traditional and guerilla marketing techniques. Lot of reminders to folks on our Facebook lists, some online stuff on, Austin taped a little video clip with me for The Jacksonville Observer … basically anything we could think of to get folks into the house, and we probably had 75 folks enjoying the show. It’s always a pleasure to play to that kind of a crowd, and we didn’t disappoint, if I do say so myself. We won’t have another shot at CZ until March, but we will be playing the February Art Walk on Wednesday at MOCA. Come on out and Join us.

ANN Cirrus TampaI worked ahead most of the week for Aero-News for the opportunity to fly to Tampa late in the week.  We had intended to fly down Thursday, but with President Obama in Tampa on Thursday, the TRF made getting into any airport there in a private airplane next to impossible. So Friday, it was up early, drive to the St. Augustine airport, and load up in 377SR for the trip down to Tampa. The occasion was the airplanes’ scheduled annual inspection, which means we had to leave the airplane in Tampa and drive back to Jacksonville. The upside is I got to fly the airplane again. Every time, I learn a little bit more. I’m now studying the Avidyne Release 9 manual to learn more about that simple little “does-everything-but-cook-lunch” system. The manual is a PDF file that’s only 177 pages long. Just a touch different from flying with steam gauges. Each thing did one thing, and now the Primary Flight Display and and the Flight Management System take the place of nearly everything in the cockpit, from the old Horizontal Situation Indicator to the sectional and Jepp IFR charts. There’s a reason the manual is 177 pages long.

But I do love flying this airplane. I’ve only gotten my hands on one other airplane since I’ve been writing for Aero-News, but I could fly this Cirrus forever.

The flying on Friday got the weekend off to a great start. Sadly, the rest of the weekend was a bit more … mundane. I worked on an editing project for a sales training manual, and finished my weekly column for The Jacksonville Observer. It doesn’t sound like a lot, and there was time for breakfast this morning at Over The Ditch Cafe and some of the work I did while semi-watching the Pro Bowl this evening. Congrats to David Garrard and Maurice Jones-Drew for hooking up for a TD in Miami. I also caught up just a bit with an old friend from high school who just recently discovered Facebook.

So Monday, it’s back to the salt mine. A goal for the coming month is to pay more attention to “Life’s a Beach”, and to try to start shedding the extra baggage that I managed to accumulate over the holidays.

Gotta have goals …

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