New Lens

This is going to be a great asset, I think. Last week, I got a new lens for the mighty Nikon, a Nikkor 18-55 F3.5 AF-S VR. I have to say, I’m impressed.

Geranium 1

Out to the backyard, where even in December, the geraniums are in bloom. In bright outdoor light, the results from this lens can almost take on the properties of a painting. Shot at 1/500th of a second and f/5.6 in natural outdoor light, you can see the lens lives up to its Nikkor heritage.

One of the nice things about the 18mm focal length is that I’ll be able to get right down on top of things for nice macros with good bokeh backgrounds, but also be able to shoot inside airplane cabins when that becomes a consideration. It should also allow me to get entire airplanes in a frame from something less than 50 feet away or so, which the 55-200 required.

Santa Salt Shaker OTD

Indoors in existing light is where the VR capability of the lens is very evident. This little guy was shot at 1/15th of a second, f5.6 at a focal length of 55 mm.


Normally, trying to hand-hold a shot with that long of an exposure results in blurring at best, and it’s usually a colorful smear. The vibration reduction function of the lens makes it possible to get clear shots under conditions that would be impossible with a non VR lens.


This, I’m calling my version of Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can. Granted, I didn’t paint it, but still, it may be iconic.

The numbers for this shot are 1/3 second, f5.6, 55 mm focal length, existing light.

Sitting at our new favorite Sunday breakfast place, Over The Ditch Cafe, still about half asleep waiting for a second cup of coffee … the ketchup container starts to look pretty photogenic.

I know I haven’t been very good about keeping up the blog. I really enjoy the writing, even when it’s everyday stuff like this.

So, I’ve got to get better about keeping up. Things have been pretty much same stuff, different day for a while, but maybe that’ll change in the new year.

Until then, I’ll try to shoot some more photos, find the interesting in the mundane, and take the time to write about it.


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