Nary A Whimper

hcaneIt was a very, very quiet hurricane season. The kind that we wish would happen every   year. How quiet? Not a single tropical storm threatened the first coast, and barely threatened Florida. The two storms that that did actually make landfall in the state did so in the Panhandle, and as tropical storms. Not one hurricane came to call.

What a difference a few years makes. It wasn’t but a 4 years ago when the storms lined up one after another taking aim at the Florida peninsula. In August 2004, there were three storms that raked the state, all passing over one county in the middle part of the state. Orlando got hit as hard as anyplace on the coast, and they were pretty surprised when they got hammered the way they did. That was the year that the storms exhausted the U.S. alphabet and went into the Greek alphabet. It was the year that had insurance companies leaving Florida in droves, and people leaving their homes at the beach. I know more than one person who, after that season of multiple hurricanes, bought homes off San Pablo island.

This year, though, nothing.

A couple of strong tropical waves came off the coast of Africa, and there were a couple of storms that made it to hurricane status, and even one that went above category 3. But those stayed well out to sea.

Fay Boat 1 One quiet season doesn’t a trend make, any more than one or two very busy seasons. Sort of like banking, past performance is no indicator of future results. But it was certainly a nice breather to not even have to check the national hurricane center two or three times a day, wondering where the storm was going to turn. My storm tracking software didn’t get any workout at all, and I even downloaded an app for that.

So, we were very lucky this year. This is Florida, and there will be hurricanes in the future. But for the first time since I came to the state, it was a season with no hurricanes, not even a tropical storm to threaten our little corner of paradise. Would that every hurricane season were like 2009. For now, well take the 6 month off season, keep the kit together, and hope that next year is as quiet as this one.



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