Short Ribs

FoodOne of the things we’ve learned over the past year is how to make inexpensive ingredients into really good stuff. One of those things is short ribs of beef, which are very inexpensive, but with some patients, can be really, really good.

Knowing Andie was going to be late, I picked up some short ribs at the store this afternoon. The thing about short ribs is that they need to cook for  along time to be … well … edible. The package directions say they should be grilled, but I don’t know if they’d ever be tender enough unless you put them on the cool side of the grill for a two to three hours.

But not wanting to tend a charcoal fire, I heated the oven to 275, and went to work.

In cast iron skillet, I seared the ribs in some peanut oil, seasoned simply with salt an pepper. While they were searing, I chopped some onions and garlic, went out to the herb garden and got some fresh parsley, basil, and rosemary. All that went into a shallow roasting pan lined in aluminum foil, and the ribs went in on top of the veggies. Another piece of foil went on top, which i crimped all the way around … eventually.

Before sealing the pouch, I poured about a half cup of burgundy wine into the mix and finished the crimping. It all went into the 275 degree oven for about 3 hours.

That’s it. It couldn’t be more simple, They came out fork tender, very flavorful, and not too much protein for counting calories. The ribs were under $6.00, two slices of onion, 4 cloves of garlic, some fresh herbs, and a half cup of burgundy. All told, It couldn’t have cost more than $10 for dinner for two, including the broccoli I steamed for the side.

It is possible to cook really good food economically.

The blog has been pretty light this week simply because it’s been a very busy one. Not that I haven’t written. Lots for Aero-News, and two pieces for The Jacksonville Observer, along with the radio show yesterday. I’ll work on a bit of  longer post tomorrow.





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