Christmas Ads

Palms xmasI t is the second of November, and I just saw the first Christmas ad of the season.

Frankly, I’m not ready for that at all.

I know it’s less than 60 days, which in its self is pretty frightening. It’s going to be another really skinny Christmas here at Lake Woebegone by-the-Sea. But this year, in the throes of an economy that’s technically in recovery but in which people are still wondering if the next Friday brings bad news … the onslaught of Christmas ads may seem increasingly desperate.

I know it’s no earlier than usual, and truth be known I’m sure there have been Christmas ads before Halloween this year, but this one was the first that had the lights and greenery and obvious Christmas … stuff.

It won’t be long before the advertisers will start reminding me that I’m a rotten husband if i don’t buy my wife, whom I love very much, a Lexus or a diamond for the holiday. Sorry, but I’m gonna be a rotten husband AGAIN this year. Of course, since I’m a guy, she’ll be encouraged to buy power tools or shavers. Everything about the holiday has become mundanely predictable.

I’m certain that retailers are coming into this season very nervous. Even people who might have some money to spend are likely to be very conservative with it, because so far it has been a jobless recovery, and the 89% of people here in Florida who have jobs are still skittish, most have not seen a raise in a year or two, and many have had their wages cut. Separating people from their money is going to be challenging this year. But then a lackluster Christmas will make retailers even more nervous, and President Obama can’t bail out everybody.

Christmas will come, and we will enjoy it. The DVR will make it tolerable. And maybe by Christmas 2010, things will have finally turned around, or at least be back on the right road.




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One response to “Christmas Ads

  1. Beth Talisman

    Dude, I was at the Mall of Columbia in MD on Saturday. ON Halloween, and they were putting up the Santaworldthingy in the mall.

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