Windows 7 and Random Sunday Thoughts

Not so much of a review, because I’ve just installed it. But I will say the installation went (mostly) smoothly.

First, it took a little more than 4 hours to complete. I don’t know why that surprised me, because it is, after all, an operating system, and it had to work around all my installed programs. It only asked me to uninstall three things, and I did two of them. The Windows Live Webcam, which I use for Skype, and the HP Quick Start buttons were pretty easy choices.

But it also wanted me to uninstall iTunes, which I didn’t do. I checked a couple of websites, which assured me that iTunes would work fine with Window’s 7, but I do have the executable for the latest version of iTunes should there be a problem. The next time I need the cam, I’ll plug it in, it’ll wake up and install the software, and should be fine.

At least that’s the plan. If not, I’ll go find it.

I’m sure the laptop will realize soon that I’ve uninstalled the quick start buttons, and restore them for me.

But other than that, the installation went smoothly. I probably didn’t have to uninstall those bits of software, but did anyway. After the initial re-boot, I pretty much sat back and watched.

And watched.

And watched.

Worked a crossword puzzle.

Fixed dinner.

Ate it.


Watched football.


You get the idea.

I’m not sure if it’s easier yet. Like I said, I’m in about the first half hour with the OS. But when a friend of mine who’s a dyed-in-the-wool Mac guy told me at breakfast that this was a pretty good product, and I knew I could justify the upgrade as a business expense, I just went ahead and bought it today.

I’ll let you know about my impressions. As far as the installation goes, it was pretty painless. There were a couple of things on this confuser that had been a problem with Vista, so we’ll see if 7 clears those up. The most annoying of those was with some automatic updates that keep erroring out, and I hope that’s now fixed.

So, no recommendation yet, but since the Office Depot checkout guy told us that once the package was opened there were no refunds or exchanges … we’re committed now.


Speaking of Office Depot, there was something that just didn’t add up in the parking lot today. We’d just parked the car and were going into the store when a massive 4X4 pickup came down the lot … and drove around the speed bump. Now, here’s a truck that’s intended to be used off road, though it’s obvious that it had never been off the pavement. It’s one of the trucks that you see in the commercials having several tons of cement blocks being dropped in the back, or pounding through the desert, or running through the mud, tossing rocks the size of your head off like they were styrofoam in super slow motion. Rugged, manly, gas-guzzling truck … and the weenie behind the wheel decided to drive around a speed bump.


Which reminds me of the drive back from improv rehearsal in Orange Park a couple of weeks ago. A guy in a Prius tried to cut in front of me to get on the freeway, which I thwarted. But on cruise control on the freeway, heading up the incline on the Buckman Bridge … here comes Mr. Prius at about 80 … passing me on the right in his hybrid car.

Now, I don’t mind that he wants to prove that his glorified golf cart can go 80 miles an hour, uphill on the freeway, but doesn’t that kind of defeat the entire purpose of the hybrid? I’m think I’m pretty safe in saying it wasn’t the ELECTRIC motor that was making that happen. But he was finally ahead of me, which seemed to be the point, and I was on cruise control and pretty much beyond caring at that point. It was nice weather, the top was down, and my mileage was probably better than his at that point.

But it’s still not going to convince me that a Prius is a muscle car.


So, that’s kind of the news from lake Woebegone By-The-Sea. The Jaguars had a bye this week, so at least they didn’t lose. Tomorrow is Monday, and it’s time to get back to Aero-News. Improv rehearsal tomorrow night and a show at The Comedy Zone on Tuesday.

And in 10 days it’s off to Tampa for the AOPA convention. The fun just never stops …




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