Lizard Rescue

This may be one of the strangest thing’s I’ve ever done, but as far as I know, it was successful.

Andie has let the Halloween elf barf all over the house. She’s one of those people who loves to decorate, regardless of the holiday. Thursday is White Cane Safety day, and there’s no way to make a joke about that, so we’ll let it go, but Wednesday was “Be Bald and Free” day.  I’m not really sure what that means, but I’m surprised the house wasn’t decorated with caricatures of Yul Brinner, Telly Savals, and Bruce Willis … but I digress.

So, it’s all Halloween stuff, including the “Happy Halloween” banner that was up over the front door outside.

Now, all this stuff went up around October 1st, and the banner went up with Duct Tape. Having just watched an entire hour of Mythbusters dealing with the wonders of Duct Tape, we know that, while it is amazing stuff, it does have it’s limits, and the banner had fallen.

Some of the Duct Tape retained it’s adhesive qualities, however, which a very small lizard found out, much to it’s dismay.

Blanket LizardI think there must be thousands of these little lizards living at our house. It’s Florida, after all, and the little guys are everywhere. They don’t hurt anything, and eat bugs. These are not necessarily bad things.

But this lizard had gotten its self so completely stuck to the duct tape that it was unable to get free. Like B’rer Rabbit stuck to the tar baby, this little guy was as good as a goner.

Until this giant decided to try to unstuck him.

So, armed with a tiny paring knife, I started to work him free. I began with the tail, which came undone pretty easily, but then it was the tiny … and this lizard couldn’t have been more than 2” long without its tail … legs, and the feet, which are sticky to begin with. Centimeter by centimeter, I worked it free, being careful not to poke it with the pointy end of knife, or cut it with the blade. At one point, when I was working near it’s head (which was also stuck to the tape), it opened its mouth as if to hiss at me and try to scare me off, but I was undeterred.

After about 15 minutes, I peeled the last of it’s little stuck body off the tape and set it down on the table outside … and it immediately moved. Damaged, but alive and mobile. It must have still been in shock when it allowed me to take it gingerly by the tail and place it in a planter sitting on the table on the deck, it’s little chest heaving more in fright than anything, I suppose, but free of the duct tape tar baby.

When we went back out later, it was no longer anywhere to be found in the plant.

I don’t know if it’ll survive. I’m sure it’s little feet were pretty badly damaged by the tape, but I don’t recall seeing any body parts left behind when the operation was done. I guess the best we can assume is that we gave it a better chance than it would had withering slowly away stuck to the duct tape.

But I swear, if you had asked me when I was making coffee this morning what was the weirdest thing I would do today, unsticking a lizard from duct tape would not have been at the top of that list.

And tomorrow’s another day.





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3 responses to “Lizard Rescue

  1. Katherine

    Meg was your sister. You knew what you had to do. She would be proud.

  2. Nancy Carmody

    Saving something destined to doom is man’s highest calling. Well done, man!

  3. Susan Brown

    Bravo! Have passed along to Ian, locally known as the “lizard whisperer”. A life’s a life, no matter how small. Ta. Susan

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