A Quiet Week

Well, it’s been another quiet week on the continents’ edge. And it’s one of the reasons we enjoy living here.

In case it slipped your notice, there was an election Tuesday. John Thrasher was up against a slate of write-in candidates for the 8th district senate seat, and won 90 percent of the vote. Some expressed surprise that he would only win 90 percent as the only real name on the ballot, but most of those who voted against now-Senator Thrasher were voting in protest for their exclusion from the primary process. One person told me he wrote in my name, and even got it right, though i wasn’t among the qualified write-in candidates. Still, I can say I got one vote for State Senate, and I didn’t spend a dime on my campaign.

I voted fairly late Tuesday afternoon, about 6:30, with the polls closing at 7:00.

I was voter #28 in my precinct. There are 2567 registered voters in 13E, which means we had about a 1 percent turnout. In St. Johns County, only 2,358 votes were cast, for a turnout of a smidge over 3%.

I know that it was pretty much an exercise in opening polling places. But it’s too bad there weren’t more people interested in getting out to vote, though it wouldn’t have changed the outcome one iota.

Andie had PEO here Tuesday night, so I got some nice photos out at the beach after I got my work done, sucking up free wi-fi at Panera Bread. I’ll probably get some of those uploaded to Flickr a little later this evening.

Wednesday was the radio show, which went well. Newly-elected city councilman John Meserve was my guest. No news made, but a good interview regardless.

But the washing machine picked Wednesday to give up the ghost. Not that it owed us anything. I bought it in 2000, the least expensive model at Best Buy, and it has seen a lot of use. Andie said there was an electrical smell and a “bad noise” so on top of everything else, we get to buy a new washer, which we really can’t afford but we can’t afford to spend money at the laundrymat, either. Not to mention it’s one of my least favorite places to hang out.

Of course, the big excitement Wednesday was that I nearly died on my bicycle. There’s an earlier post describing the particulars. But I managed to dodge the SUV that ran the red light on 3rd street at Florida Boulevard. Sometimes seconds mean everything.

Thursday passed quietly, Friday I got over to my regular meeting of the Loyal Order Of Friday Afternoon Cigars and Scotch, where I learned about my single vote in the election, and we mostly told sailing and flying stories for a couple of hours. Some days we swap recipes like a coffee klatch, but this week’s meeting was far more … masculine is the only way to describe it. About half the group has had a pilot’s license at one time or another, and everybody has sailing experience. It’s a fine way to wrap up the work week.

Saturday passed uneventfully. And today I solved a niggling problem at mom’s house with the wireless print server I’ve been fighting with for months. Today, I think I solved it. We came home to watch the game, and the Jaguars coated Qwest Field in Seattle with a deep layer of limburger. I can’t recall watching a decent football team play so badly in a long time.

Coming up, I’ve got to pre-tape a show Wednesday before the live show, as the following week I’ll be in Orlando at the NBAA convention and meeting most of the week. More time around airplanes.

Not such a bad deal.



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