I’m Not A Hater

That was the description that I saw most often for what I’m about to write.

President Obama really didn’t deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. Nor for what he might do.

Obama Joint Session 2 Disagreeing with the Nobel committee for giving President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for what might happen in the future does not make me a hater, and I really don’t understand why some people think that anyone who questions anything this president does is a “hater”.

There were 205 nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. 33 of those were organizations. Conveniently, because of the statutes of the Nobel Foundation, the list will be kept secret for 50 years, but it seems to me that there might have been somebody or some organization on that list that MIGHT have actually done something.

It was interesting that shortly after the announcement, my daughter, a 19 year old college sophomore, tweeted that since she intends to write a novel someday, the Nobel committee should just go ahead and give her the Nobel Prize for Literature now.

It doesn’t reflect on President Obama, who is donating his prize to charity, so much as it does on the Nobel Committee. Obama didn’t campaign for the Peace Prize. We don’t even know who nominated him. But Obama was the easy choice for the committee. Obamamaina continues to be strong in some sectors, and giving the prize to the President certainly makes more headlines that giving the award to someone who worked quietly but diligently behind the scenes to actually accomplish something. It might have even been someone with some marquee value, but we won’t know for 50 years who that might have been, and by then, it’ll only be an answer in a crossword puzzle.

In that perspective, I suppose I’ve answered my own question. The only thing that the Nobel Prize REALLY does is increase Obama’s stock in 8 years when he’s on the rubber chicken circuit raising money for other Democrats. It’s not enough that he’d be introduced as Former President of The United States, or even the first African-American President Of The United States. They’ll now add “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” to that introduction, and that’ll boost the speaking fees by half. And that’ll be a big half.

A bit cynical? Perhaps.

Has the Nobel Peace Prize become so irrelevant that the committee feels like it has to give the prize to someone like the President to make people care? I’ve talked to people who feel like the Peace Prize lost its relevance when it was awarded to Yassir Arafat. Perhaps the pinnacle of “Huh?” was the year it went to former VP Al Gore for his “work” on “global warming”. I still think that the connection there was stretched further than a high-bridge bungee-jump cord, and the jury’s still out in a lot of people’s minds on that issue anyway.

The Nobel Committee is probably very enamored of President Obama. Most of Europe is. It would have been very interesting to be a fly on the wall in the committee room to hear the discussion, and the justification, and why some of the other nominees (whoever they might have been) were voted off the Nobel island. But it is what it is, All those other folks will have to hope they’re nominated again next year, though there’s no prohibition against back-to-back Nobel wins.

Maybe by next year, President Obama will have done something to actually earn the award.

I hope he has.




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One response to “I’m Not A Hater

  1. Yeah, i agree with ya and the Hater thing got stuck in my craw as well. I wonder why we can’t have a dialog about the merits of a Nobel Peace Prize award. It has nothing to do with President Obama being Black, it has nothing to do with President Obama being a Democrat and it has nothing to do with President Obama being the president. It has to do with an award that was previously beyond reproach. We should all be pissed that it has been sullied in this way! WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THAT WAY? I am talking to all sides – black , white – Republican, Democrat because my issues with the award have nothing to do with any of that!

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