Beach At Night

Tuesday night, Andie had her women’s meeting at the house, and I’m not allowed to be here. With work yet to do, I loaded up the laptop, and camera, and spent a couple of hours finishing up my work at Panera Bread, where the wi-fi is free, the food is good and reasonably priced, and they don’t care if you take up space for a while, particularly toward the end of the day. So I got the work done, buttoned up the laptop and still had an hour to kill before I could go home.

So, when you live at the beach, you go to the beach.

DSC_9358 A nearly full moon was coming up over the ocean. Knowing I would likely have some time, I had grabbed a cigar (a guilty pleasure).

There were a couple of people jogging on the beach at 9:00 at night, and a dog walker as well. I got in the shadow of one of Jacksonville Beach’s newer condos, which actually seemed to have some people living in it, set up the camera on the beach, fired the stogie, and started playing with exposures and such.

There was a thunderstorm off to the south, but I had absolutely no luck, even on long exposures, getting the lightning. but the moon reflecting off the ocean was fantastic. Of course, the clouts and ocean were moving, which gives it all the soft-focus fuzziness.

DSC_9380Shooting north on the beach, though told an entirely different story. I love the colors that show up in in these exposures at night. It’s a different way to see the beach, and not one of which I take advantage nearly often enough.

Just as I was finishing the cigar, I got a text message to say that the ladies were gone, and I was allowed back into my house.

The beach has many moods. We’ve been lucky this year not see it’s angry side, at least so far. The deeper we get into October, the less likely that is, but there will be Nor’Easters this winter. Not nearly as intense as a tropical storm, so I guess we’d call that grumpy rather than angry. The beach at sunrise is serene, cool (ish) quiet, during the day, it can be crowded, hot, and nearly blinding at times. As evening comes, and the shadows of the condos stretch across the sand, it becomes cooler, and the people drift off to their houses and condos either at the beach, or back to town. The beach at night, with a moon over the ocean and the lights from the houses and condos, is back to serene.

So I suppose it was worth it to be kicked out of the house for a few hours. Not such a hardship, and it was a great excuse to be on the beach at night. I hope you’re lucky enough to get to experience it someday.




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