Thoughts On The Health Care Speech

US Capitol 4 President Obama can make a speech. There’s no denying it. I tuned in late for the Health Care speech, but I think I saw at least half. I tuned in in time to hear Congressman Joe Wilson shout “You Lie!” when talking about coverage for illegal immigrants. Probably not the brightest political move, but it does give you some indication as to how deep the passions run over this debate. I don’t condone what Wilson did. It was grossly inappropriate. I respect the office of the Presidency, even when the guy I didn’t vote for is in it. But the comity has been gone from Congress for a long time.

Of course, that incident got the Democrats on Facebook and elsewhere all atwitter. I’ve mostly stayed away from Facebook today to avoid hiding more people from my ‘News Feed’. Dems, it seems, are still so giddy about being in the majority and winning the Presidency that it wouldn’t matter if a Republican came up with a cure for cancer and offered it to the world for free, he’d be a dirtbag, and they’d find some way to denigrate his character. One of the people now hidden from my ‘News Feed’ was talking about how cute it was that one of her kids was asking who all the “angry men” were. I read several places about what ‘losers’ Republicans are for not standing and cheering the things in which they don’t believe. These writers must not have been paying attention to the dour expressions on the faces of Democrats every time President  Bush made a speech, and how they failed to jump to their feet to cheer every time a tax cut was mentioned. Most of them looked as if they would have rather been ANYPLACE else. Every time.

Best eye roll of the night, however, goes to Vice President Joe Biden. At one point, when Nancy Pelosi jumped to her feet for the umpteenth standing ovation of the speech, Joe looked at her as if to say “I’m just too old and tired to stand up again.”

Really, I backed it up to watch it again.

Obama Joint Session I’m still very concerned about health care. I didn’t see or hear anything last night that gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling that people like me, who don’t currently work for a company that offers health coverage, will have any option but the public option, and no matter how many times President Obama says there won’t be bureaucrats and bean counters making decisions that should be made by doctors and patients … I’m skeptical. He may even believe it, for all I know. But people like Obama, or most of the members of Congress on either side in either chamber, haven’t lived in the real world for some time. I often wonder if any of them knows how hard people are struggling out here, and how frightened and skeptical they are about a massive government program. They always seem surprised when people come to town hall meetings and express their views forcefully. It’s because we’re scared about the economy, we’re scared about getting sick, we’re scared about paying our bills and looming tax increases at nearly every level of government when we can’t make our mortgage payments now, and many of us have very little confidence that the federal government can come in with a massive, one-size-fits-all program and magically make it better. If you believe that’s true, I envy you, and wonder if there are unicorns where you live. Government MIGHT EVENTUALLY get it right, but I’ve never seen one of these things that didn’t have a whole lot of unseen, unintended consequences. Many might not feel it, but if it’s you, it’s a huge problem.

It’s like the old adage. A recession is when unemployment is high, a depression is when YOU’RE the one who’s unemployed.

I would like nothing more than the opportunity to buy affordable health insurance on the open market from a provider of my choosing. Why is that such an unreasonable thing? Why is it impossible for health insurance to be like car insurance? If you drive, you have to have it, and it’s expensive for some people, but for the most part, it’s affordable. Homeowners insurance is getting to be pretty dicey, but for now I can a t least buy it and pay it with my mortgage. That’s pretty painless. What makes health insurance so special, and why is it impossible for individuals, even with pre-existing conditions, to be able to afford to get sick.

Is it any wonder emotions are high? And can the government really do something about it?

Like it or not, it appears we’re about to find out.





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2 responses to “Thoughts On The Health Care Speech

  1. sunshine555

    Not much sunshine after last night’s speech and all the resulting bruhaha about it. I, too, am tired of the same old politicians on one side of the room sitting with dour faces while the ones on the other side leap to their feet with wild enthusiasm every 60 seconds. Old Queen of Botox Pelosi, she of the super-duper private jet, was a regular jumping jack while poor Joe Biden looked ahead with a sour look on his face that I wondered masked the thought “for pete’s sake how did I let this bozo get that job instead of me!”
    Truly, we need term limits. When you look out on the sea of aging faces in that audience every time….and with this president it’s VERY often…you realize that there’s something wrong when the only people in this country that form an audience like this has their own private health care plan that allows for the very BEST health care in the world for them AND their families at no cost to them (it’s at OUR cost) of course they live longer than the rest of us – and with no term limits they will sit in that audience until they literally have to be helped into their seats. Both parties suck! That’s a fact! And we’re all sick of it….and THAT’s a fact!!! And nothing’s going to be done about it…and that’s a fact! Not as long as the fox is running the henhouse. But wouldn’t it be a nice dream to throw all the bums out – every last one of them – and start over with a whole new slate AND term limits? We wouldn’t even need to have a party designation, let them all set their own agenda…let the competition of the marketplace determine our fate. Anything is better than a government “of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations with the help of lobbyists”.

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