What A Week

I have finally gotten slowed down enough to make a post to the blog. This has been one busy week, and tomorrow promises to be pretty full as well. I’m kinda bummed that I’m not writing here as much as I used to, because this is important to me, but I’ve got to do the stuff that pays (some of) the bills first.

“So what the heck have you been doing?”, I hear you cry.

Well, Aero News every day. Lots of Aero News, and I’m finding that aviation news is a lot like general news … August is slow. Today there was actually quite a bit to write about. The NTSB made recommendations to the FAA on the airspace over the Hudson River following the August 8th mid air. There was actually quite a bit of stuff today, which puts me a bit ahead for tomorrow, which is a good thing.

candidates Monday night was the candidates forum for the First Coast Republican Club. We had a couple of hundred people there, as well as all four candidates for the 8th district senate seat. I was fortunate to be asked to moderate the event for the club, and my hat is off to Scott Wiley and the club leadership. They made my job as a moderator easy, and each of the candidates told me it was the best event of this very short campaign season.

So why am I not posting any pictures of the event? Even my wife didn’t manage to take any pictures of me. So much for respect. If anyone from the FCRC has one they’d like to forward so I can post it here, photo credit is yours.

I know, it was all about the candidates, but I do this kind of thing for part of my living. It’s the shameless self promotion department.

 TIE logo3 Tuesday night was improv at The Comedy Zone, and I have to tell you, we had a rough crowd. For what ever reason, they couldn’t come up with a suggestion that wasn’t just innuendo, they were downright pornographic in some cases. Normally we’d try not to take those suggestions, but when it’s the only thing you get, well you’ve got to give them a scene about something. It was just very, very difficult, and not the kind of night that makes improv fun. When the audience is good, it’s a joy to be on that stage. Tuesday night was not such a night.

JORS Logo Wednesday, Aero News again,and then the Jacksonville Observer Radio Show. Lenny Curry, the County GOP Chair was our guest for the first half hour, and then Congressman Ander Crenshaw joined us for the second half of the show. It was a pleasure to talk with Congressman Crenshaw again, and he had plenty to say on the subject of health care. At the very end of the program I got to dredging for the post-panamax ships coming to the port in a few years, and the status of the nuclear carrier at Mayport. The better news for me is that he remembered me, after not having spoken to him for probably more than a year. We picked up right where we left off, and if we manage to continue this show, I’m going to try to have him on regularly. The phone didn’t work so well on television, but for a radio show, it’s perfect. Of course, I hope he’ll join us in the studio from time to time as well. If you’ve missed any of our shows, you can listen to them online here.

So that’s been my week. Today, there was a lot of stuff to write for Aero-News, and I was finished relatively early. I went over to an Art Graham event, and there’s another one of those tomorrow night. Saturday, it’s dinner at Elaine and Richard Brown’s house. But I’ll make a real effort to write again before Sunday. Somewhere in there, I’ve got laundry to do, a lawn to mow, food to prepare … well, you get the idea.

I was inspired by one of my former colleagues at WJCT, who posted on Facebook that he’s lost 49 pounds in the last 39 weeks. I’ve got about 45 to lose, but have managed to get a good start this week. I’ve been complaining about it for months, and it’s time now to get serious again.

Wish me luck.




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