Julie and Julia

Ok, I went and saw a chick flick this weekend. But as a foodie, it was one of those I had to go see.

Julie and Julia is a darn good movie, if you’re into the food thing. And I mean as more than just someone who eats.

I don’t want to post any spoilers, because it’s getting really good reviews and filling up theaters, but I will say a couple or things.

Merryl Streep practically channels Julia Child. She has the voice and the mannerisms and plays it to the nines. It’s not an Oscar winning performance by any means, but she does it very, very well.

But more interesting was the aspect of Julie blogging about her attempt to cook her way through the Julia Child cookbook. I’ve not tried much French cooking, but it might be fun to try. The recipe of a whole (boned) duck in a pastry shell looks very interesting.

As someone who blogs, I’d love to find a ‘project’ like that to make my  blog stand out from the rest. Of course, the issue is time. Like in the movie, trying to get something written in this blog even most days has become increasingly challenging. Not to mention that trying to come up with something to write every day isn’t always easy. 

In any event, the movie is worth seeing if you’re a foodie. Honestly. While there’s not a lot of cooking in the movie, the movie is about cooking, and that made it pretty worthwhile. That, and it’s pretty well acted and the melding of the two (mostly) true stories, that of Julia Child and Julie (I don’t recall her last name), is done very well. The jumps between the two stories and times is nicely done. And there’s the classic Saturday Night Live sketch (from back when it was funny) with Dan Akroid as Julia Child is fun.

So, if you’re a foodie, you won’t have to give up your guy card to go see “Julie and Julia”. Yes, it’s a chick flick,and there’s not even any gratuitous nudity or sex, but it’s a fun movie, not too long, and a fun escape for a couple of hours.

Have fun.




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One response to “Julie and Julia

  1. Debby

    I went to see it last week sans DH and loved it. He thought it would be too “chick” but he would have totally loved it.

    For me the movie was more than the food…it was about finding a path no matter where you are in life. Julia Child was middle aged when she found her passion and even when things were tough…same as Julie.

    Frankly, this is one of the rare cases when the book is slightly better than the movie IMHO.

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