Quiet So Far, What’s On The Horizon?

Not so much as a tropical wave, until yesterday. A third of August is gone, and not only has there not been a hurricane, there’s not been a named storm … in the Atlantic. The Pacific has been very active, but on this coast, nada.

Don’t get me wrong. Every day there’s not a threat of a hurricane is a day that the insurance pool can build up a tad more reserve. They still say another Andrew could wipe out Citizens insurance, not to mention pretty much every other insurance company in the state, and cost us all a big pile of money.

But today there are a couple of things out in the Atlantic that could be something. One’s down by the islands, and forecasters expect shear to tear it apart before it can amount to anything. The other is out south of the Cape Verde islands, and this would be about the time that Cape Verde storms start to get active.

This is not really atypical, I hear from natives and longtime residents. Hurricane season lasts 6 months, but there’s really about 6 weeks that are what you really have to watch. Mid August through September. There have been many years when storms formed outside those parameters, to be sure, but right now is the heart of the season.

The forecasters have downgraded their outlook to just 4 actual hurricanes and 10 named storms,with maybe one or two major (Category 3 or higher) storms. But as we all know, it only takes one.

So, we wait and see what the next few days brings. Maybe nothing. Maybe the first named storm of the year.

Anybody taking side bets?


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