Back At Sea

Only for a couple of hours, but every time I find myself on the Atlantic on my boat, I think about how lucky I am to be able to be there.

New Name 11

The marina is a wreck. I think they expected to have all the renovations done by now, but it’s just completely torn to bits. The new seawall is coming along, and the new floating docks are stacked up, but there are no pilings set. Dredge barges are nearly blocking the basin, but they have managed to dredge out the lift zone some. Of course, today I was in at absolute high tide and back in just a couple of hours, so there was plenty of water.

But it was another day to just go and play. The water was nice and clean just offshore, but it got very choppy on the ride back from Ponte Vedra. The swell ran about 1-2 feet, but the northwesterly breeze chopped up the surface of the water and made it pretty rough.

Still, the boat ran well, the weather was perfect, and we had a nice, relaxing time out on the ocean.

For me, there is almost no place better than the ocean. The bigness of it inspires awe, the ozone from the waves crashing on the shore is downright medicinal, and the sunshine always does me good.

But, I found today that my depth sounder/fish finder has joined my GPS on the disabled list. Just no display. I could see it was getting power, but it just didn’t come on. So now I need something like $600 to replace both instruments. I have no idea where that’s going to come from. I know what I want. A Garmin unit that combines both into one box, has moving charts and a color depth/fish finder combination. But it’s not an inexpensive proposition.

It’s always something with boats. Hanna’s having difficulty with his fuel system, possibly from using car gas so consistently. I’ve been buying my fuel at the marina for the past several years, which is special blend recreational gas with no ethanol. But I cheaped out on the electronics when I bought it. I thought they’d last longer than they did, but I have to remember that it’s all 7 years old at this point. Maybe they don’t owe me anything.

Today, I knew where I was going, and didn’t need to find any fish, so it wasn’t an issue. I just wanted to go have some fun, and that we managed to do. I’ve got to do that more often, but I spent $50 on gas, and probably ran most of it out over the course of my time on the water today. We’re still in ‘trying to watch ever dollar’ mode, and the heart of tropical season is just around the corner, so this may be a year that I do what I can to keep up the payments and hope for the best next year.

Fall fishing is pretty good, yes?



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