“A Brush With Death”

Why do they say it that way? I was amazed today to read a story in which Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were on a private jet (no surprise there) that experienced an engine problem and had to return to the Las Vegas airport. This is not too unusual. I mean, it happens.

Kutcher and Moore were flying from Las Vegas to New York, the plane had an indicator light of “overperforming” engines, and declared an emergency. Fire and rescue equipment were scrambled to the runway, and the plane landed without incident. Everyone got off safely, and later flew on to New York.

Kutcher and Moore, naturally, started tweeting. Kuthcer has over a million followers after his high profile publicity stunt with CNN.

“[M]y plane just had to do an emergency landing,” Kutcher tweeted to his more than a million Twitter followers. “Engine over heated. fire trucks everywhere. good times.”
His wife, Moore, tweeted, “[Y]ep it is always an adventure in Vegas emergency landing and all.” She posted a picture of the scene on her Twitter page, and a shot of the two on board the plane with the message, “taking off-take two.”

Later he tweeted “happy to be alive”

To quote the guys on ESPN … “C’MON, MAN.”

The non-aviation media is blowing this all out of proportion.

‘Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s jet plane terror: PHOTO’, screams one headline on a website called “Celebrifi”.


Yeah, they look terrified, don’t they?

‘Kutcher happy to be alive’, is the headline for several items, all reprinted from AP. ‘Moore and Kutcher In Air Scare’, says another. ‘Star Couple In Mid-Air Scare’.  And my favorite, ‘Ashton and Demi’s Emergency Landing!!!’, as if they were flying the plane themselves.

Put some celebs in a plane and let it make a precautionary return to an airport, and suddenly it’s as if somebody important almost died. First, importance is questionable in this case, and second, nobody was likely ever in any danger.

Flying does have risks. So does riding a bus, or taking a shower. In this case, a well-trained pilot made a good decision and nobody was any the worse for wear.

But since celebrities were involved, it’s a ‘brush with death’.

They were probably in far more danger from being killed from having a hairbrush poked in their eye.





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