Special Election

GOP elephantThe date for the special election to replace State Senator Jim King will be September 15th.

That’s a very short time.

State Senator King lost a short but intense battle with cancer. Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive disease. It’s what took Andie’s mom in December, just 3 months after her diagnosis. The time frame was about the same for Senator King.

The entire dynamic of the race has changed. In 6 weeks, we’ll be electing a new State Senator, as well as a new 13th district City Councilman as Art Graham has to resign his seat to run for the Senate. Since John Meserve has filed for the City Council seat, Atlantic Beach will be electing a Mayor. Meserve had originally said he’d seek another 2 year term as AB Mayor, but now, that race has changed as well.

There are currently no Democrats looking at these races, as far as I know. AB is technically non-partisan, but the rest of them need primaries and generals … unless there are all Republicans in the races. It’s not unheard of for someone to get into a race as a “No Party Affiliation” or write in candidate just to close the race. If every candidate in the race is in the same party, then the race is open to everyone. Democrats can vote in a Republican race, which can also change the dynamic. The State Senate race is so far all GOP. There is a Democrat in the City Council race, so that one’s already closed. Update: I’m reminded that city elections are unitary. Everybody votes regardless of party.  Run-offs are needed if no candidate gets 50%+1 vote. I used to know all that stuff by heart. So c’mon out and vote.

Dem Donkey It’s amazing how things can change so quickly. All of the candidates for the District 8 race were planning for a short turn around, but I don’t think any of them were expecting to have an election in a month and a half. Some say the time frame favors John Thrasher, who has raised a lot of money in Tallahassee for the race after moving into the district earlier this year. Art Graham, Aaron Bean, and Dan Quiggle are all long-time residents of the district, but Thrasher has the fundraising edge so far. Money didn’t win every race in 2008, but it’s always good to have. The sure thing is voters need to start paying attention to this race in a hurry.

The same is tru e of the District 13 Council seat. Meserve is a political veteran, and Richard Pait, his Republican Challenger, is a newcomer. Pait has been campaigning for a while, but he’ll have an uphill battle against Meserve. The Democrat in the race is Neptune Beach resident Dave Smith, and I don’t know anything about him.

So, it’s the political season again.

Popcorn, anyone?



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