Cash For Clunkers

clunkersSomebody please pay me to buy a car. One of these days there will be one of these stimulus programs for which I can qualify, but I haven’t found one yet.

This was a genius idea that gives people a credit of $3,500 to $4,500 to trade in their old car for a newer, more fuel efficient model. There are restrictions, of course, The “clunker” has to get less than18 miles per gallon (combined) and be less than 25 years old. You have to buy from a participating dealer, and the credit does NOT count as income for tax purposes. Dealers also have to give you any other rebate or special offer.

So, here we go again. I don’t have a clunker. Well, I kinda do, but I’m not ready to part with the Explorer, and it’s really not a clunker. Besides, the last thing I need is another payment, and my clunker is paid for.

I realize that the car business is in the doldrums. Every business is in the doldrums. And I guess if the government mostly owns the car companies, at least the American ones, they can offer a rebate program if they want. Of course, it’s not just GM or Chrysler c ars that are eligible.

But what it boils down to is, I’m not only paying for my car, I’m helping other people buy cars too.

I’m helping people buy a lot of things. There’s a tax credit for first time home buyers here in Florida. Since we have a townhouse to sell, I kind of hope somebody takes advantage of that one.

And so it goes. One program after another that leaves out people who are struggling. I understand that helping people buy cars helps the workers who make the cars and all the ancillary jobs associated with that. But I’m not at all convinced that the government is going to spend us out of this recession. The way to spur businesses to hire workers and invest is to cut business taxes. When you look, historically, it works every time. Business could spend us out of recession, but not government.

In the meantime, I’m still waiting for the program of which I can take advantage. It hasn’t come along yet, so I’ll just keep doing my job and doing my best to keep my head above water.

Unfortunately, the water’s getting pretty deep.



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