Oshkosh Waning Days

In about 26 hours we’ll start for Milwaukee and from there back to the beach. Tomorrow’s going to be a long, long day, and I’ve never been able to sleep on a plane. That may change on the flight from Milwaukee to Charlotte.

As the Oshkosh Odyssey draws to a close, I have a few more picture to share.Mustang 7-31a

I walked over to Fightertown today, where they were recovering the P-51’s following the daily airshow. You will never find a larger concentration of warbirds than you will at Oshkosh, There are literally scores of beautifully restored vintage warplanes, most of the flying, many of them participating in re-enactments during the shows. The P-51’s are big, fast, and just spectacular to watch. Chris, one of the stringer journalists and I stood and watched while 4 or 5 were being parked. A lot of people have never been this close to an honest piece of history. We were there among dozens.


And speaking of big and fast, here’s that package rolled all up into one. The lear and the Airbus. When you get so many airplanes parked so close together, you can’t help but have some interesting contrasts. Today was “NBAA Day” at the show. The National Business Aircraft Association held a big news conference with the FAA Administrator and corporate types who talked about how business aviation boosts the economy. When you think about the number of jobs that go into building, flying, and maintaining these airplanes, it really does make sense. And I’ve got to tell you, I certainly wish I had a personal airplane to get me home after the show, rather than having to rely on Dumbo the Jumbo to get me back to the beach. I certainly wouldn’t have to be getting a ride to the airport beginning about 2:30 if I did. Maybe someday I’ll have something to fly on my own, but not this year.

Bizjet Bokeh 7-31

When your lens is too long to get a decent shot of the airplane from a reasonable distance away, you’re forced to resort to the artsy shot. I rather like this one, which I called “BizJet Bokeh”. Not one anyone would ever care to buy, I don’t imagine, but fun nonetheless. In case you’re wondering, you’re looking at a pitot tube (that’s pronounced ‘PEE toe”) on either a Lear or maybe the Falcon jet, I’m not sure which exactly it is. Regardless, I think it’s a cool shot.

Nose Art 7-31

And then, there’s the nose art. Lots of it over in Fightertown, of course, but this is from Branson’s Virgin Galactic Mother Ship “Eve”, AKA “White Knight 2”. I think the poor airplane will suffer some kind of identity crisis if they don’t get that resolved soon. From the nose art, though, I think we know for which team the VMS plays.

Unless …

In any event, One more day of writing, though it may be a bit slower tomorrow, and I can finally go out in search of something to take home. There’s been no time for shopping, and even if I’d had it, stuff’s expensive. And not just the airplanes and little black boxes, either. But I’ll find something to take home. In any event, it’s been good to be back to Oshkosh, even if I haven’t had the time to send wandering and seeing the sights and such. I’m hoping for some more good shots tomorrow, and then it’s on to Milwaukee and home.

Maybe I’ll go for a swim in the ocean …

Photos are up on Flickr.




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