Oshkosh In The Rain

Though actually, I didn’t see much of it. It was chilly enough this morning that I could see my breath waiting for the first news conference of the day to get started, and for some reason, I couldn’t get enough coffee. I made two walks over to the little coffee shop set up in the food vendor area.

It was one of those mornings when you walk out to the car and just know it’s going to be miserable. A low, grey sky, with steady drizzling rain … never one’s favorite sight to wake up to.

Which didn’t really matter much because I with the exception of going out to a news conference and a kind of “State of the Industry” speech from FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, I was in the box all day. Tomorrow things are a little lighter, and I hope to spend more time out among the airplanes. I haven’t been to Fighter Town, or out to the North 40 where some of the most interesting stories are. I also haven’t picked up much swag. But to be truthful, there’s not a lot. I think even companies that are selling little black boxes costing $5,000-$25,000 are feeling the economic pinch, and there are precious few chachkis to be picked up.

Not that our house needs any more dust collectors.

But it was a day of writing and editing other people’s writing and very little else. I did go to the “state of the industry” speech, and it was interesting to hear Administrator Babbitt talk about the concerns of General Aviation. But I was furiously taking notes and had to go back and write some more. I’m going to have to profusely thank my chiropractor on Monday at my appointment for allowing me to sit in a metal folding chair for a week with no discernable back pain. I think if she hadn’t put my pelvis back in line last week, I’d have been toast by now. As it is, I’m in pretty good shape.

Wittman Sunset Eventually, the clouds parted and the sun started to peek through here just a bit. Of course, by then it was time to come back to the house that is our base of operations and finish up the editing.

And in another 48 hours or so, my Oshkosh Odyssey will come to an end as well … with a 5:45an flight out of Milwaukee on Sunday.  That’s about an hour and change from here. Not much time to sleep on Saturday night before we have to be on the road. But it means I’ll be back on the Atlantic Coast by noon, if all goes well, and sound asleep again by one, most likely.

It’s not complaining … really. It just is.

And speaking of sleep, maybe I’ll get just a bit now.




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