Auf Weidersehen, Senator King

Like nearly everyone involved or interested in local politics on the First Coast, I’m saddened by the death Sunday of State Senator Jim King.

I don’t know that I can add to all that’s been written about him in the past 24 hours. He will be very sorely missed. He was called “The Lion Of The Senate” for a reason, and I’m sure Tallahassee will not be the same without him.

King’s accomplishments were many, as were his friends. I knew him only professionally, and yet it was always a great “get” to have him in the studio. He was always a good interview. He spoke in plain language, answered questions, and gave you answers he believed.

I often said of King “He’s a great guest. Sometimes it seemed like all you had to say was ‘Thank’s for joining us, Senator’, and 28 minutes later ‘We are out of time.’” But we never felt like he went on too long. It was always something interesting.

I’m in Wisconsin on business, and won’t be able to get back in time for the memorial service on Saturday. But my thoughts are with Senator King’s family, and having lost my Mother-in-Law to the same condition late last year, I can empathize.

Auf Weidersehen, Senator King. Your efforts were appreciated, and you’ll be missed.




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