A Couple Of Quick Photos

I’ve been billable most of the day, right up until here at 10 to midnight. I had a pretty good day writing, but it started off talking to the Mayor about his budget proposal again this morning. I guest hosted “People and Politics” for Eric Smith. Fun to be back in a TV studio for half an hour.

Anyway, with limited time, I thought I’d post a few of the photos I shot down in Cocoa Beach this past weekend. None of the shuttle lifting gracefully into the sky, but some pretty good shots none the less, IMHO.


We got up early to go fish Sunday. And by early, I mean EARLY!  Early enough to catch the sunrise in the middle of summer, which comes (did I mention) early? I’m often a crack of noon fisherman, but when sometimes it’s a good thing to just get up and see the sunrise. This particular Sunday morning, I’m glad I did. Of course, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. And it did storm later in the afternoon (scrubbing the launch), but this is more a filtering and white balance red. It’s really difficult to meter that correctly when you’re staring down a star. But that’s what I was doing.


So many different boats at Port Canaveral … from Cruise ships to canoes, many of them work for a living. Some you can tell what they do, some, not so much. This is obviously some kind of fishing boat, but it’s not a shrimper. The big trawl nets are missing. I suppose more important than what it does, at least to me, is that it was interesting looking. If you search through my photostream on Flickr, you’ll find I love to shoot boats. I don’t know that I’ve ever met one yet that didn’t have it’s particular character. Not all of them are pretty, but even the ugly ones have their charm.

And speaking of ugly …


I don’t know what it is about pelicans. They fascinate me. Really. Big and ungainly and no way they can possibly be as graceful as they are when they fly. But like most things that fly, they have a bit of a problem making that transition from flying to not flying. I managed to get this capture just as the bird was getting ready to settle into the water, and it looks like he’s standing on the water … or the air. And no, that’s not photoshopped, just a lucky press of the shutter release.

As usual, there was a lot of wildlife around. Early in the morning, we saw a manatee working the grass just around the docks in the Banana River. We spotted a sea turtle out in the ocean, and I got a shot of him poking his nose up out of the water, as well as a school of brown rays out in the ocean, which was as flat calm as Kenray Lake all day Sunday. Everything except fish. We couldn’t catch a thing.

There’s more, of course. See them all on Flickr.

And no shuttle launch. When they make an attempt Wednesday afternoon, I’ll just be finishing The Jacksonville Observer Radio Show in Southpoint, so not much chance I’ll be able to get back out to the beach to try to see it, and if it doesn’t launch tomorrow, it’ll be July 27th …

And I’ll be in Oshkosh.




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