Another Scrub

Two days in a row, actually.

We drove down to Cocoa Beach again, but at least this time we had a backup plan. My cousin Mike and his wife Linda were at their annual timeshare at the beach, so we had someone helping us with a place to stay, and a guaranteed spot to park and watch the launch at the beach. Not only that, but there was something to do all day before the launch was supposed to occur.

We almost didn’t go. When the launch was scrubbed on Saturday, we considered just not going. But the prospect of spending the day on the boat with Mike was just too strong, and so we loaded up and headed south.

The fishing was great. The catching … not so much. But Mike and I and Mikes friend Ron just drug wahoo and assorted artificial baits around behind the boat for four or five hours … and didn’t catch a thing. We caught a lot of ultra violet rays, but nothing else.

Certainly not a wasted day, and when the weather closed in and they decided not to go about 4 minutes before it was time, we climbed the dune, got into the car, and fought the traffic back out to I-95.

I thought for sure they’d launch tonight mostly because I wasn’t there to try to watch, but maybe I’m not the bad luck talisman. Trying to launch a shuttle in Florida in the afternoon during the summer is always going to be problematic, and it was again today.

So now they’re wondering how many more times they can fuel the shuttle and unfuel it before it becomes a problem. It’s got to be extraordinarily expensive to keep suiting it up and then saying “not today”. We saw the booster recovery ship headed out, and it has to go several hours before launch to be in position to tow the boosters back to the Cape. And then there’s just the frustration on the part of the astronauts. Suit up, sit on a bomb for a couple of hours, and then get off and try it again the next day.

They have a chance Tuesday, and then they’re done until the 27th. I’ll be in Wisconsin by then for Oshkosh. But hopefully before they stop flying I’ll get to see a launch.

Of course, the Ares I is also going to be spectacular … but the first launch of one of those is probably 5 years out.

Good luck guys. I hope you get away tomorrow.

Oh … I’m uploading pictures.  More pelicans, of course, but some other stuff too. That’ll come tomorrow.






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2 responses to “Another Scrub

  1. Austin

    I believe they’ve worked out a deal to try the Shuttle again on Wednesday. Fingers crossed!

  2. Austin

    The Ares I-X will have a test flight next month… might be worth checking out because there’s a decent chance it’ll explode on the pad.

    Once they get all the kinks out, the Ares V will be the really crazy rocket to see… bigger than the Saturn V!

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