Man, I’m Ready For The Weekend

It’s been a heck of a week, and it’s not quite done. But at least the next 48 hours aren’t all about sitting at the computer and writing. In fact, the blogging will likely be a little light.

To recap … every day has been 18-22 items for Aero News. In case you’ve never been a writer, that’s a lot of content to find, massage, upload, find art, and try to get it all exactly right. I haven’t been as successful on that last bit as I’d like, but getting closer. And by exactly, it’s not just the writing, but all the small details of manipulating a pretty intricate content management system. It’s challenging, but darned interesting. Of course, the subject matter is something in which I’m pretty interested, so that makes it not so much of a chore. If I was writing about something I didn’t care about … I’d go nuts.

Then, there are the two columns for The Jacksonville Observer, which everybody in town should be reading. And not just my stuff. I have a pretty free reign about what I write, but that means I have to come up with the topics, too. There’s nothing like a deadline and a blank screen to put your brain in complete lockdown. But so far, I’ve managed to keep cranking it out.

Wednesday, we kicked off The Jacksonville Observer Radio Show. I know I’ve written a lot about it, but damn was that fun. I’ll be seeing the Mayor again on Tuesday when I guest-host “People and Politics”, the cable show normally hosted by Attorney Eric Smith. Not a paying gig, but it’ll be fun to be back on TV. Of course, some may think it’s the Tom and John Media Tour, but that’s just kind of how it worked out. They’re likely fairly different audiences anyway.

Today, I did take a couple of breaks, one to go to a chiropractor about the ongoing pain in the neck I’ve had for a couple of weeks, and this nagging lower back thing that seems to kick up when I stand for a long time, or push the lawnmower. We’ll see how that works, but doing nothing certainly wasn’t helping.

The other was for a cigar and scotch at the very civilized hour of 3:00 pm at Ron Allen’s house.

So that was kind of the week. And tomorrow, it’s RAM with The Improv Effect, and then we’re going to beat feet down to the central Florida Coast to hopefully FINALLY see the shuttle launch. My cousin Mike will be down there at his timeshare in Cocoa Beach, and that should be close enough until I can get a media credential to be on the space center. THAT’ll be cool.

Sunday, we have to work in the townhouse. After our flakey buyers flaked out completely and didn’t close, we’re getting it in top shape so someone will find it irresistible. It’s darn close to that now.

So, no rest for the weary.

But if you notice a couple of days with no blogging, you’ll know why.

At some point I’m going to have to get a column out for Austin, and that might have to be tonight.

Oh well …



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