First Show Rocked On WBOB

JORS Logo We debuted The Jacksonville Observer Radio Show this afternoon on WBOB, and it exceeded my expectations. The good news is, the people at the station seemed to be really jazzed about it, and it felt soooo damn good to be back on the radio again.

Austin shot a couple of these for me, but took more with his point-n-shoot. We took this just a few minutes before the show got underway. I kind of got the rock star treatment, which I’m not used to, but could. Still, I’m thinking this talk radio thing could be a whole lot of fun.

Mayor Peyton arrived at the studio about a minute before 5:00, but with a 6 minute newscast, that wasn’t much of a big deal. We sat down, rolled the intro, I asked my first question, he spent the first 6 or 7 minutes talking about the budget … and then the phones got going. It’s a good thing we did this first show with “limited commercial interruptions”, because we needed all the time we could get.

The calls were good, mostly. Respectful and well thought out questions, for the most part. There was one guy who kind of rambled and I had to bring him back on track, but only one, and he was towards the end of the show. Otherwise, well, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Of course, the trick will be sustaining it. We were able to pull out the big guns for the first show, and we’ve got some ideas for shows in the future, but with me having to be in Wisconsin the 4th week of the show, I’ll have to pre-tape something for that last week in July.

DSC_8138Oh … the content. Well, the Mayor defended his proposed property tax millage increase eloquently, I though. Having been on the committee for the JCCI study on the budget which, I think, is giving the Mayor at least some of his political cover for the idea, I’m of an open mind about it. When a caller asked about fees, Mayor Peyton said, and rightly so, that Jacksonville has had the luxury of NOT paying garbage and other fees, while those of us at the beach have just lived with them for some time. One of the callers asked about his recent trip to the Paris Air Show, to which Mayor Peyton replied that for the $3000 it cost the city to send him to Paris, he met with executives of 15 companies that are potential tenants at Cecil Field. Meeting with them individually would have been far more expensive. And so it went. I just to just over half of my prepared questions as well, which isn’t too bad.

But for me, just to be there, in the chair, with a microphone in front of me, a bank of telephones, and a guest I know I can talk to … well … for a guy like me it just doesn’t get much better than that.

This really has some potential. Every project I’m working on right now has potential. I’m guest hosting a cable television show next week for Eric Smith, but that’s a one-shot deal for a start. I guess, in a way, it’s just very gratifying to know that what I’ve been doing for more than half my life wasn’t for nothing. I’ll admit to some butterflies driving to the station today. And there were a couple of times when the show seemed to drag a bit to me, but I don’t think anyone else noticed. The audio will be posted on The Jacksonville Observer site in a couple of days, so if you missed it, check it out there.

And now, as the TAPS guys say on Ghost Hunters as they drive away from whatever haunting they’ve been investigating …

On To The Next.





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