Man, What A Week

I can tell when I haven’t been blogging as much. The stats are slowly, but steadily falling off a bit, and people are reverting back to a couple of standby classic posts: “Stealth Boat and Summer Travel Roulette” and “Hollywood in Black and White”. Sometimes I think those two posts get more traffic than any other on the blog.

What a week I’ve had. Lots and lots of writing for Aero News, and working on an article for 904 as well. I’ll likely write all weekend on the 904 piece, as it’s due Monday. Between that and working to actually stand up Broad Reach Communications as a business, I’m wiped. Oh yeah, we had rehearsal on Monday and a show tonight. Normally, I’d be very much looking forward to the weekend, but it looks as if I’ll be working straight through. What’s the old saying? An entrepreneur is someone who’ll work 18 hours a day for him or her self to avoid working 8 hours a day for someone else. But in the end, I think we’re all working for ourselves in one way or another. Ultimately that’s who takes home the paycheck.

And, too, I don’t think I’m totally caught up on sleep from trying to see the shuttle launch … twice … this week. After the great Saturday adventure, we thought we’d try it again on Tuesday, even if it meant getting up at 2:00 am to drive down as far as we could for the 5:40 launch. Well, the alarm went off at 2:00, and I looked online to see that the launch had been scrubbed 5 minutes earlier.  Yes, I went back to bed, but somehow the sleep rhythm was all mucked up, and I’m not sure I’ve completely recovered yet. I’ll be cashing it in in just a few minutes yet, but I need some catch up time.  The weekend, what’s not devoted to writing, will be spent mowing here and at the townhouse. No rest for the weary.


TIE logo3 Tonight we had an improv show in a new venue: MOCA. Good space.  A real auditorium and a real stage with decent sound reinforcement. And a fair few folks came to the show. We probably had 25 in the house, which seats maybe 75. It was much different from your usual Comedy Zone crowd. We played for about an hour, which was plenty. The only problem was I think they turned off the AC about 8:00, because it was pretty warm down there by the time it was all done. We’ve got a show Tuesday night at The Comedy Zone, and then I’m not sure what. But it is fun to be playing again.


And, since I can barely hold my head up, one thing more. I nearly was run off the road today by a jerk in a full-size white panel van who thought “merge” meant “push the little convertible out of the way” getting up onto Kernan boulevard. I’ll admit, I was being a bit aggressive as well, but I’m not sure why people think they have a right to move you out of your lane because they think they should be there. I finally let him in, when it became obvious that it was that or let him buy me a new paint job. If he’d have it me, his insurance would have been paying, and that’s the truth. But it wasn’t worth the hassle, and I was behind on work anyway.  I didn’t have an hour to spend waiting for the police and filling out the forms. But dude, it’s not your road, and I was in the lane. Just because you think I should get out of your way doesn’t mean I do. One of these days, you’ll be buying somebody a paint job … or worse.

And I’m sure he had equally complimentary things to say about me. It’s all in the perspective.

I’m hoping I can get back to blogging more regularly, particularly when I get the side project for 904 completed. There are a couple of other things waiting in the wings as well. More on that as they happen.



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