It’s Sunday Night

I’d forgotten how fleeting the weekends are. But now that Saturday and  Sunday mean something again, they seem to just fly by. Of course, a 300 mile spontaneous road trip Friday night and Saturday might not have anything to do with that. Today, in the Florida heat, it was a day to stay in and take care of some indoor kinds of things. Like so many things these days, that included some computer work. But at least it was cool.

I looked at the outdoor thermometer on the north side of the house today, and it read 100.6 degrees. That’s 100 degrees in the shade. Out on the south side of the house, on the patio, it was 98. That’s usually more of an August or September weather pattern. The forecast is for highs around 90 the next couple of days. That’s a good thing, because I need to get back out on the bike and get the yard mowed again. The mowing is pretty constant now through August.

Over the time that I was not gainfully employed, weekends seemed to just be more days, although I did nominally take weekends off. I looked a little bit less intensely on weekends, but for the most part, the days just kind of melded together. Now, when Friday afternoon rolls around, I’m ready.

It’s a lot of writing, doing 16+ entries for Aero News Network every day, two articles for The Jacksonville Observer, and keeping up this blog. I’ve got another assignment to write an article for 904 which I have to get after next week as well. I never thought I’d be doing so much writing in a week, and to keep up with the bills, I’m going to have to do more. I’ve got a couple of other things that have been presented to me that I’m not able to talk about just yet, but I’ll eventually cobble together a living.

But for now, the weekends are meaningful again. This is a good thing. Andie has a couple of interviews tomorrow, and maybe the crest of the hill is in sight. We were talking after dinner tonight that in the almost three years of our marriage, we’ve been presented with some incredible highs, and some really difficult challenges. We’re in a challenging period right now. But what I hope will happen is that, as we crest this hill we’ve been climbing, and we will crest it, that we’ll gather enough momentum on the back side to help us up over the next one.



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