Pictures of Tiny Things

Some of the most challenging things to photograph are the tiny ones, and I’ve gotten some extremely lucky shots. My most recent extreme close up came yesterday, and it was a (IMHO) a really good one.


Dragonflies are everywhere in Florida. I’m surprised I hadn’t gotten a shot like this one until now. They’re really very docile, and will sit for long periods of time, making them very photogenic. My sister has taken some spectacular shots like this, and her camera and lenses are a couple or three pay grades above mine. Nice to have a little money to spend once in a while.

Still, even with the D40 and the kit lens, the detail is pretty amazing.


I shot this one in North Carolina last fall. We were up in the mountains near Spruce Pine, and the butterflies were just everywhere in the fall flowers. I had some fun shooting these tiny pollinators. Not only are the insects very interesting, but the flowers add such color. Of course, when you’re shooting this close, everything else fades into a bokeh background.


Just a different angle, and a different type of butterfly on a butterfly bush flower. When you click through to the larger photo on Flickr, and I hope  you will, you can clearly see the compound eyes, and what looks like pollen on the insects wings. There’s not quite the detail that I got on the dragonfly, but still a very interesting photograph, I think.

lizard CU

Of course, they’re not all insects, and this guy would probably happily eat any of the other subjects on this page. He was a visitor to one of our cookouts on No Name Cay last summer in the Bahamas. I’d be happy to go back and find more like him to shoot. Not that I need an excuse.

Every photo here is larger on Flickr. Just click through to see them, and spend some time looking at some of my other work. It should just open up a new window or frame.  Go ahead. I’ll wait …

… Have fun? I hope so. I’m lusting after the autofocus 35mm f1.4 prime lens for the D40. Given the nature of my new job, I could probably legitimately expense it for the business. I’m going to need it for shooting airplane cockpits …

I hope.





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2 responses to “Pictures of Tiny Things

  1. David

    That dragonfly shot is fantastic, even for the 40 🙂

  2. Nice macros! The dragonfly is my favorite.

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