Back to Work

It seemed a little weird.

After 7 long months of wondering from where the next paycheck was coming , I got started again today.  It’ll be a good gig, but I’ve got a long way to go before I’m back where I was at WJCT.

I’m writing for  All aviation, all the time.  General Aviation, Business Aviation, Military Aviation, Space (the final frontier), basically if it flies, we can cover it.  When it doesn’t fly and it’s supposed to, that’s important too.  I have a great deal to learn, and a great deal to re-learn.

Aviation is a very technical field with a ton of jargon and acronyms, not to mention many, many rules about where you can fly, when you can fly, what you can fly, who can fly with you, but that’s what makes it so very challenging and rewarding.  When you’ve been given a license to fly, you’ve accomplished something, and you know you’ve earned it.

So I spent the day beginning to learn the workflow of what I’ve signed myself up for.  It’ll be like drinking from a fire hose at first, but everything gets easier with repetition.  It’ll work out.  The good news is, I don’t have to drive to Green Cove Springs every day.  Most of it can be done from right here at the beach.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to be able to say I’m working again, and working for myself as much as I’m working for someone else.  I have my LLC, I have some ideas I want to develop, but there will be at least a nugget coming in every month that will allow me to draw down my savings much more slowly.  And there’s plenty of room to grow, both with Aero-News and with other projects.

I will say that, as I get the workflow down, the blogging may be a little lighter than usual.  I’m still going to try to write every day, but while I’ve been looking, I’ve had more time to spend with “Life’s a Beach”.  I’m now obligated to Aero-News, and to The Jacksonville Observer.  The personal blog may take a bit of a back seat, but we’ll see how it all fits.  I’ve gotten rather attached to this little blog,  and I’m very appreciative of those of you who read it regularly.

I’d be tempted to say our long personal nightmare is over, but if I’ve learned one thing the past half year, it’s not to tempt the fates.  There are too many things that could potentially go wrong.  But for today, it’s time to bask in a small victory, to know that I have bent the wind at least somewhat to my will, and to finally be able to look forward to what’s next.




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