And Suddenly, I’m an Entrepreneur

It’s a cool and rainy night at the beach.  I’m tired from … well … I don’t know what.  I mowed this morning, before the rain began, but it feels deeper than  that.  An emotional drain that kind of goes to the core of me, or maybe it’s the lifting of some of the stress that’s been so prevalent in our lives for the past 7 months.BRCSM

We’ve had some good news.  My company is official.  I got the blessing from the state of Florida on Friday, and Broad Reach Communications LLC is a reality.  Unless something goes horribly wrong, I’ve got my first long-term client in, and it will take up a great deal of my time.  The good news is, it’s all about the airplanes, and I’ve loved airplanes for a long time.  It will be great to find my way back into that world.  Maybe I’ll even get to fly again, but I’m certainly not giving up the boat.  If boats AND airplanes are good enough for Jimmy Buffett … well it’s good enough for me, too.

I still have some hoops to jump through.  Lots of paperwork to file, taxes to pay to the county and the city, business cards and letterhead and such to have made.  Not to mention a website to create and let the marketing begin … all while taking care of this first client.

I’m not trying to be PR firm, though if those kinds of opportunities arise, I will certainly give it my best effort.  My niche will be in content creation across a broad range of platforms, with the eventual goal of returning to television.  There’s going to be a lot of fun to be had the next 2 years in the local political realm, and I want to be a part of it.

Meanwhile, we have a contract on the townhouse over in Atlantic Beach.  Getting that sold will be just a real monkey off our backs.  I need a couple of more clients to just get things back to an even keel, and make sure the bills are getting paid.  But we’re on the road to recovery.

Still, there’s a lot of uncertainty.  Andie’s trying to change careers in a way, too.  I think there are going to be real estate opportunities down the road, but for right now, it’s not the best climate.

So, it’s into uncharted territory for me.  I’m excited about it, and nervous all at the same time.  The good news is, I’m going in with a good, solid piece of work, and I’ve got a couple of leads on other things.  It’ll be a struggle, but for the time being, no regular commute, and the beginnings of a decent income.

Let’s see how we can make it grow.





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2 responses to “And Suddenly, I’m an Entrepreneur

  1. Austin Cassidy

    Who did your logo? It’s pretty nifty.

  2. tcpatton

    The logo was designed by our friend Lena Shore. Her website … How easy it that.

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