Late Post

Just a couple of random thoughts.  We had a really good show at The Comedy Zone tonight.  Good, if a bit of a rowdy crowd.  They mostly stayed with us the entire show, and had some pretty good suggestions.  The team is gelling pretty well, too.  They’re a fun bunch to perform with.


My articles of incorporation are signed.  I’m waiting now for the final blessing from the state of Florida, and Broad Reach Communications will be a reality.  I’ve got one long-term client ready to go, and a couple of other interesting projects possible in the wings.


We got a full price contract on the townhouse up in Atlantic Beach today, thought we had dropped the price a couple of times since getting it on the market in December.  5 months is not bad in this market, and selling that place will be a bit like being able to push the “reset” button on a lot of things.  Not a lot of people are fortunate enough to have that happen.


It finally feels like we’re starting to turn the corner.  For real.  We still have a couple of major challenges ahead, so it’s not all a big party just yet.  But after the past half-year, it was time to get a break or two.  Nothing breeds success like success.  I’m hoping we’re on a roll.  I still have a lot of things to get together for my business.  No office yet, but maybe that’ll come later.  I’d love to have a little office out here at the beach, maybe even with a view.  But it’s not time to look quite that far ahead just yet.  I’ll get a couple of good projects under my belt, and see where it goes.  But it is nice to have goals.  In the meantime, just getting back to work will feel really good.  And the best revenge, they say, is living well.

So that’s what we’ll shoot for.



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One response to “Late Post

  1. Austin Cassidy

    CONGRATULATIONS, this is great news!

    (And very nice logo!)

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