Art in the Park

Johansen ParkAfter two improv sets at the Riverside Arts Market, I came back to the beach and rode my bike up to “Art in the Park” at Johansen Park in Atlantic Beach.  The one day event was a juried show for some of the artists, and a really great way for folks to get together for a free art show.

Johnansen Park is a little pocket park on Seminole Road in Atlantic Beach.  It was ideal for the three dozen or so artists and vendors displaying their work.  It was a beautiful afternoon at the beach.  Crisp, clear, blue skies, a breeze coming off the ocean kept the temperature from being too warm … all in all better weather could not be had.Primative Pottery

There were several photographers there, many who had had their work printed onto canvass to look like paintings.  Several painters displaying both traditional and abstract styles.  The requisite number of jewelry makers were scattered among the displays, with everything ranging from beads to hand-crafted glass.  There were also several vendors displaying primitive-style pottery that is so popular in the North Carolina mountains.  We saw a lot of it when we visited Andie’s dad up near Spruce Pine last summer.  Very basic, clean, simple designs that appeal to so many people.  I looks as if it should be easy, and yet I’m sure it takes a skilled artist to make it look so simple.

Wood Fish

Not so simple were the very realistic-looking fish carved out of driftwood and old limbs.  Chatting with the artist, he told us he used very little more than a chain saw and sandpaper to create his pieces.  Some, like this piece, resembled the moray and green eels that we see so often scuba diving in Florida and the Bahamas.  He had less fearsome-looking fish as well, and one really cool snake that he said he’d had to put aside because it was scaring some of the kids.

So, it was an all-arts Saturday.  First at the full-tilt-boogie Riverside Arts Market, and then at the much more intimate Johansen Park. In these difficult economic times, it’s good to know that you can find a full day’s entertainment for what ever you might spend on a  couple of bottles of water and a bite to eat … if you’re willing to look.




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