Carpe Diem

I took the day off.  I know what you’re thinking: “You’re not going to work … every day is a day off.”  Not so fast, grasshopper.  There are job sites to search, phone calls to make, people to meet, networking to do, resumes to update, e-mail to send … looking for work is actually a lot of work, particularly when it’s the only job you’ve got.

So today dawned sunny, the temperature was forecast to be in the 80’s, and the marine weather said no more than 2 foot seas up to about 20 miles offshore.  “Party Quirks” had not been off the rack in longer than I can remember.  It was time to spend a little time on the water.

LIfeguard I left the dock, headed straight to the ocean, and turned south.  It’s about 5 miles down to Jacksonville Beach.  Just about the only thing that hasn’t changed even since I got here 9 years ago is the Red Cross volunteer lifeguard station.  Well, Casa Marina hasn’t changed much, and in fact, it’s been improved and re-opened since I moved here back in 2000.  But other than that, almost every restaurant has either changed hands 2 or 3 times or been torn down.  Condos have come and gone.  The lifeguard station is iconic, though.  It’s been at that spot at the end of Beach Boulevard for decades.  I was idling about a quarter mile offshore in the company of a bunch of pelicans, several gulls, and a couple of ocean kayakers.  In all the times I’d been down offshore at Jacksonville Beach, I’d never gotten this perspective of the lifeguard station … so I thought it was time.

Heron 3

I never get tired of this shot.  If you’re near the ocean and someone’s cleaning fish, there will be a bird looking for a handout.  Today was no exception.   They’re so patient, and that makes it fairly easy to get up close.  I’ve got dozens of these in my Flickr Photostream.  I expect there will be more down the road.

Nasa Barge While I was cleaning up the boat, I looked up and saw this odd-looking barge being towed towards the ocean.  The vessel towing it had a “NASA” emblem on the funnel … so my best guess is that there are solid rocket boosters or one of the shuttle’s external fuel tanks being shipped to somewhere.  The last shuttle mission flew over this area on liftoff, so it’s possible the solid rocket boosters were recovered off the coast and towed up the St Johns River.  Possible.  No matter what, they didn’t want us to see what was on the barge … or it was just to protect it from the elements on the voyage back to New Orleans where they’re refurbished.  That’s one of the things I love about being near the river.  You really never know what you’re going to see.

So it was definitely a “Carpe Diem” day.  I just needed to get out of the house and not worry about the whole job thing for a couple of hours.  I managed to do that.  Tomorrow, it’s back to the Riverside Arts Market for a couple of sets with The Improv Effect.  Sunday is just for relaxing at the moment.  Maybe I’ll mow the grass.  Oh the excitement.  I do have a couple of things working on the job front, though, so something could shake loose next week.   It’d actually be good to get back to work, but I have learned that retirement might not be such a bad thing.

If we can afford it.




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