Not Exactly Rocket Science

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released a study today that just makes you say “yeah, and your point…”:

The institute, in a new round of crash tests, took three 2009 micro- and mini-models – the Honda Fit, DaimlerChrysler SmartForTwo and Toyota Yaris – and put them into front-end collisions with midsize cars. Each of the models, the institute said, earned good ratings when tested with a deformable barrier, but performed poorly when rammed into midsize vehicles with both cars traveling 40 mph.

Uh huh.  What was your first clue?

Last time I checked, tonnage still determines right-of-way.  If one of the tiny little “Smart” cars and a normal mid-size car were to tangle, it’s pretty obvious who’d win.

Still, I suppose they have to test such things to get official data for insurance companies.  They’re all about the actuarial statistics to determine how much they will or won’t pay.  But this one seemed kind of obvious.

I still like the Smart cars.  They’re fuel efficient, easy to park, and make a statement about how you feel about gas prices, even at $2.00 per gallon.  For a commuter car, I imagine they’re fabulous … though I’ve never been in one.

But I really didn’t need a study to tell me that they’d fare poorly in a front-end crash with a bigger vehicle.




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