I Figured it Was a Scam

A couple of days ago, I wrote about a “job” I wanted to apply for, but the supposed job site wanted me to install some silly “iWon” toolbar to complete the application.

Well, there was this on Craigslist a couple of days later.

Re: Event Manager(jacksonville)

This sounds like a promising job but you get this e-mail asking you to download some iWon toolbar so you can upload your resume…due to resume attachments supposedly being infected with viruses. First of all once you download this toolabar you still can’t upload your resume.
Then there is a STEP 2. Get this…you have to complete tasks at these pages which you access via a hyperlink. These tasks consists of completing forms that are those offers you have to complete…you know the ones once you complete them you get some prize which you never get. Prizes like ipods and mp3 players. Now these tasks are to assess….well they don’t make that very clear. You do these tasks and then start receiving junk mail. Even if you contact the e-mailer who told you to download the toolbar and complete the tasks and tell them the difficulty you have you get the same e-mail back they initially sent you. It is a bunch of crap. It should never be this difficult to apply for a job. You should never have to download a toolbar to upload a resume. You should just be able to e-mail it from your e-mail address. Also, you can’t assess someone’s (sic) job capability from some stupid multiple choice online test.

Apparently someone was so desperate to have the job, in this case an event manager rather than the part time reporter position that caught my eye, that they actually went so far as to download the toolbar.  I wish them well getting what ever junqueware off their computer that this delightful little scam managed to install there.  I’ll say again that it’s appalling how some people will try to take advantage of those (of us) down on their luck.

Still, the further I go down this road, I realize that I’m going to have to make something happen on my own, and that’s the truth.  But I think I’ll hold those plans for another post.

So, on a Friday afternoon that found me in meeting with a lawyer (nothing bad, in fact a good meeting), lunch with some former colleagues from WJCT, a haircut at an incredibly crowded Great Clips, and then mowing the lawn, I’m enjoying the late afternoon spring sunshine.  It’s that rare time in Florida when the sun is warm but not hot, the breeze is coming off an ocean that’s still about 60 degrees … so it’s wonderfully cool, and the sky is an azure blue that simply defies description.  Everything is green and fresh … for those who say we don’t have seasons in Florida, I’d invite you to come down for a year and experience it.  It’s more than just Hurricane, Tourist, and Winter.  I can sit on the deck with the warm sun on the back of my neck, enjoy the tunes playing off the hard drive, and contemplate just how I manage to keep all this together.

How nice an afternoon?  Don’t just take my word for it.  Check out:

Big Flower

This poor guy was beaten down by last weeks’ rain … but managed to come back nicely.

Happy Grass

Andie calls this “Happy Grass”.  It does look kind of happy.

No, not that kind of “Happy Grass”

Hanging Lantern

I love old railroad lanterns.  Andie’s dad has dozens up in the mountains in North Carolina, so I guess we won’t be adding this one to his collection after all.  But did I lie about the color of the sky?

Lantern Trio

Meanwhile, these guys are left over from our wedding nearly three years ago now.  They’re great when we have parties.  This is great outdoor space.

Such is springtime in Florida.  It is arguably our best time of year, though I wish the water was just a little warmer.  Still, if it was, that cool breeze off the ocean wouldn’t take the sting out of the late afternoon sun.

It’s worth the trade.  The water will be warm soon enough.




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3 responses to “I Figured it Was a Scam

  1. Wow, I wonder how many “job postings” they put up on Craigs List. I’m surprised someone went that far to try to “apply” for the job.

    On the other hand, the flower is gorgeous.

  2. tcpatton

    And for how many cities. A spammers delight. And thanks for the kind words about my photography. There’s lots more on Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/17910130@N06/.

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