The Riverside Arts Market

RAM-LOGO Today was the opening day of the Riverside Arts Market in Riverside (of all places) under the Fuller Warren Bridge.  The place was flat mobbed, and I hope they have the same kind of success in subsequent weeks.  Artwalk seems to do pretty well, but that’s once a month, and this event will be weekly while the weather cooperates.  It was a picture-perfect day in downtown Jacksonville, and The Improv Effect was invited to play a quick set at noon for the inaugural event.  A great time was had by all.

RAM Crowd

There were dozens of booths set up under the bridge … and I have to admit, I didn’t stop at a single one.  We were a little bit busy with some guerilla-prov, and then the set we played at noon.  The only problem was, with all the cacophony under the bridge, it was difficult for us to make ourselves heard.  We literally shouted as we played “Da-Do-Run-Run”, “Opera”, “Irish Drinking Song”, “Blind Line” “Ding”, “A,B,C”, and a few others.  Hopefully next time we’ll be up on the main stage, but even then, individual microphones would be very, very helpful.  That’s the one major problem with trying to perform in a setting like this.  It’s just darned difficult to be heard.

Heck, it’s difficult for us to be heard sometimes at “The Comedy Zone”.


So, we conga-lined through the crowd, stopped and played a few games at various places in the Market, and I think brought a few smiles to people faces.  Though there were a lot of smiles to be seen today.

So, I definitely recommend The Riverside Arts Market if you’re in downtown Jacksonville on a Saturday afternoon.  It’s actually worth the trip from the beach, and not just when you might see a fun improv troupe perform.   I really hope it becomes as successful as Artwalk.  It should.  The space has been constructed specifically for this event, the vendors had to be thrilled with the turnout, and even the parking was free.TIE RAM Mayor

What’s not to like?  You might even get your picture taken with the Mayor.


The rest of the day was spent on such mundane things as a 17 mile bike ride, I FINALLY got the leaves up out of the front yard so the grass has a hope of turning green and the we FINALLY got around to painting the master bathroom of the townhouse we have for sale.  Our lady of blessed ibuprofen don’t fail me now.




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