Battlestar Galactica

It’s finally over, and I was kind of dissatisfied with the series finale.


We finally got around to watching yesterday. Thank goodness for DVR.  It took the 2 hours 11 minutes of the finale and turned it into about an hour and 40 or so.

For those of you who didn’t watch Battlestar Galactica, you missed something really fun, and a real oddity in television.  The writers took the concept of an campy, kitchy ’80’s television show capitalizing on the popularity of Star Wars, and made it a gritty, deep, complex, and very satisfying drama that captivated me week after week.  The DVR was set to record every new episode.


It had a classic sci-fi theme.  Human vs. Machine.  That was about the only thread that ran consistently through the two shows.  And the design of the title ship … Galactica … was pretty true to the original.  Galactica was essentially a big aircraft carrier in space.  A pretty cool concept.  But in the SciFi Channel version, when some of the good guys are revealed as bad guys who are really good guys … the twist of “Earth” being a nuclear wasteland, and then (spoiler alert) the real earth, where the last remaining humans and a handful of Cylons (the machines who look like humans) arrive in Africa about 150,000 years before the present day arrive, it was pretty rich in that.  Some of it was very satisfying.

But the constant drumbeat of “All will be revealed” … well … not so much.  I think the only unexpected thing that was revealed was that there will be a follow-on series following events from the Cylon point of view.  I’m not sure how excited I can be about that.

Ovearll, I’m sorry to see Galactica fly into the sun.  There were a lot of things that, if it were true, archeologists would have found by now … including the Raptor that Adama and President Roslin flew in her death scene.  But that’s what suspension of disbelief is all about .  I’m not a very religious person, so the very overt religious overtones were always there but ran heavy-handedly through the last couple of seasons were a bit problematic from my perspective.  But as science fiction goes … this iteration of BSG was very well done.  A compelling drama with complex, rich characters that made for appointment viewing.  I wish it had ended more satisfyingly, and a bit less religiously, but that’s the writers vision, and that’s fine.

At least it didn’t end with a random blackout.




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