Downtown Beauty Shots

I’ve got to find out why my 10:00 am meeting this morning was canceled and I didn’t get an e-mail telling me NOT to drive all the way downtown today … but I’ve got to back through my e-mails to be sure I didn’t get it before I complain.  I’ll find out.  Tomorrow are two more networking events: one at 8:00 in the morning, one at 5:30 in the afternoon.  One of these days, all this networking will turn into a job.

So, I had 90 minutes to kill before I met my friend Chuck for lunch … and for some reason I thought “Let’s just take the camera along this morning”.  I was glad I did.

CSX Bldng Jacksonville is a very attractive city … at least down by the riverfront.  I’ve often compared it to Louisville, Kentucky, or Cincinnati, Ohio.  Two cities from my earlier life experience about the same size as Jacksonville, and with a river as the city’s centerpiece.  The Ohio runs through both Cincinnati and Louisville, it’s a classic inland river rather that the St. Johns tidal stately slowness … but I seem to be drawn to the water.  We’ve talked about this before.

Where was I … oh yes, 90 minutes to kill with the mighty Nikon.  It was a pretty nice day, so I thought “Why not get some beauty shots just in case we wind up back on TV or writing another blog or something”.  I got some great ones.

MSB 318

Rivers and bridges are very picturesque, by my way of thinking.  Bridges because of their architecture … particularly drawbridges, cantilevered bridges, and suspension bridges.  Jacksonville has examples of each, and I think I’ve photographed most of them both from shore and from my boat.  The only think missing from Jacksonville’s assortment of bridges is a Roebling-style suspension bridge.  The city’s too new.  The Brooklyn Bridge is one example, as is the Roebling Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati, which was the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge.  But there I go … wandering again.

After killing an hour down by the river, I went over to Riverside to meet Chuck for lunch.  I was about 15 minutes early, so I walked across the street to Riverside Park … which oddly enough is on the river in Riverside.  The azaleas are all in bloom, the sun was shining, and the squirrels were everywhere.


This guy was very cooperative about having his picture taken.  He let me get fairly close, and the 55-200 lens got me up close and personal with this rodent.  Normally, I don’t have a lot use for these sneaky little scavengers, but it was fun to see them out today.

There wasn’t a lot going on job search-wise today.  I enjoyed being downtown on a very nice day, which I haven’t done a lot of over the past 5 months.  If there wasn’t a beach here, I’d live in a neighborhood like Riverside, with everything in walking distance and funky old houses.  But there is a beach, and the vibe out here is completely a beach vibe.  Downtown is not as vibrant as it might be, but they’re trying.  It seems like for the 9 years I’ve lived here, revitalizing downtown has been a major topic of discussion.  I really thought it might happen until the bottom fell out of of the condo market, a precursor of the general economic downturn.   Riverside has the real hip, urban vibe, and a good mix of new construction and old architecture. So many neighborhoods, each with a different feel.

Still, today was for beauty shots, and I think I got some pretty decent ones.  They’re on Flickr.  Let me know what you think.




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