Old Photographs

Mom has brought down dozens … maybe scores … of old pictures from the house in Indiana.  As a photographer, I love looking at them.

Carl Furst(a) This is one of my favorites.  My great grandfather and one of the mill workers with a massive block of stone being loaded onto a railroad flatcar. 

The detail in the photograph is spectacular.  When you look at it full size on Flickr … and you’ll have to scroll up and down, you’ll see what I mean.

I was hooking up my mom’s new printer/scanner/copier and used this for a test scan.  I just e-mailed it to myself for grins, and when I opened it up at home, I was just amazed.  This photograph has to be 60-70 years old, I’d imagine.  The source picture is in amazing focus for the photographic technology of the time, thought I suppose great grandfather Carl and the other gentleman in the photo were standing fairly still while the image was made.

Carl Closeup

I isolated Carl and the other gentleman from the photo.  I’ve probably seen this photograph a dozen time in my life, but it’s like seeing it for the first time. 

I’ve walked in the quarry where this photo was taken.  The quarry is an amazing place.  You can see the overburden stacked behind the rail car.  Each one weighs several tons, and it’s the stone that has to be stripped off before getting to the building quality stuff.  It’s all stacked there to this day, though the quarry has been closed for 40 years or so.  There’s no reason to move it, of course, but going up there as a kid, it was fun to play on the rocks.

These old photographs are moments of time in my family history frozen and preserved.  We’re extraordinarily fortunate to have them available, and I hope you don’t mind my sharing them with you.




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