Who In The Heck …

… is Tiffany Patton?

I learn a little more about her each time she signs up for something using one of my e-mail addresses.  Since my name is Tom Patton, well, you might see where she might be a bit confused.

A while back, I wrote about Terrence Patton … who tried twice to use my e-mail address to open a MySpace page.  MySpace was kind enough to send me his password, because hey, they had no idea who was receiving it, and I changed it.


He finally got the message.

Tiffany has used my e-mail address to sign up for a number of things.  I’ve seen the real estate she was considering buying.  She’s apparently looking for a new career, because I keep getting e-mails from professional schools and such.  I guess we have that in common.  She may have even bit on a couple of multi-level marketing schemes, because I’ve gotten a few of those addressed to “Tiffany”.

Trust me.  Look on my “About” page.  I don’t look anything like a “Tiffany”.

Today, it was Travelocity.  Tiffany has booked a trip, and I got her confirmation from Travelocity, as well as a second e-mail welcoming her to the service.  I now have her address, which she put in her Travelocity profile, but the telephone number which was posted there as well answered “unable to be completed as dialed”, so I can’t assume the address is correct either.  One would think it would have to be for travel documents, but you never know.

In any event, Travelocity was kind enough to send me the password to her account as well.  So, much as I did for Terrence, I changed. it.

Sorry, Tiff, but at least I didn’t cancel your flight, which I could have done, and left you high and dry with a healthy cancellation fee on your credit card.

One of the advantages, or perhaps disadvantages, of having been on the Interwebs for a long time is having an e-mail address that’s simple, direct, and easy to mistype.  I know many people with the first initial “T” and last name ‘Patton” could have a tpatton###@service.com  kind of email address and forget to include the ### when signing up for stuff.  But over and over again?

Over the years I’ve gotten people vacation pictures, law firm abstracts, company memos, you name it.  I usually send a nice e-mail to the sender and explain that Timmy or Tabitha, or Tracy didn’t get their e-mail, and usually it’s just a typo.  People are usually mortified when they realize the mistake they’ve made.  I’ll eventually get embarrassing pictures of somebody’s wife or girlfriend … but that hasn’t happened yet.  Tiffany, however, seems to think mi e-mail, su e-mail.  I can’t imagine what she thinks when nothing comes to her mailbox.  Or, maybe she only intended to use Travelocity once.  Who knows.

It’s no more than a curiosity, really.  There’s no harm done, other than the fact that I already get plenty of spam, and don’t need to be getting misdirected spam (is that redundant?) and legitimate, if misdirected, e-mails from people.  And inconvenience.  I’ve got to mark it all as spam and delete it, and my time is at least somewhat valuable.  Since it may be an honest mistake, I never do anything other than change a password and make you go re-register for a service, maybe using your own e-mail this time.

So Tiffany, please be more careful.  Do you know how easy it would have been for me to cancel that flight, or have posted your address on the Interwebs?  I’m sure you’re a very nice person, but if you want your confirmation e-mails and fabulous opportunities and real estate deals … let people know how to get in touch with YOU … not me.

I don’t care.




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