That Felt Good

For the first time since the day I was let go from WJCT … I got “Party Quirks” off the rack and into the water.

If you’re a new reader to the blog, “Party Quirks” is my boat.  A 20 foot center console fishing boat that I just love.  And today, I took the video camera as well as the mighty Nikon.

It had been 4 months since I’d been on the water, at least on my boat.  Mike brought his over early in the year, and we went out and caught grouper and snapper like it was our job.  But it was 2 inch short day, and 95% of what we caught went back into the ocean.

Today, I spent 45 minutes or so just making sure she still would run, and decompressing.  My boat is my laughing place.  It’s where I go when I just need to re-focus and re-energize.

She started right up and ran pretty well.  I know the engine needs a tune up, but for the most part, she runs like the day I took delivery.  It was too rough to take her out on the ocean, so I ran up to Clapboard Creek.  The breeze was up, the water was fairly rough, and there was a lot of traffic.  Probably because the weather is supposed to sour tonight, and it’ll be cold and windy the next few days.

The marina manager told me today that all the permits are in place to dredge the basin, and it’s not a day too soon.  Not even low tide today, and I barely got the boat back to the lift station.  The marina is really only usable about half the time right now … but hopefully that’ll change sooner rather than later.

So the payments are made for March, and I’ve got to make the most of Party Quirks.  I’ve never spent as much time on my boat as I should, and hopefully this will be the season that I finally make that happen.  Today made me feel good, which an afternoon on the water always does.





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2 responses to “That Felt Good

  1. Kyle

    I’m jealous of your little boat trip. I could use a getaway out on the water, away from the snow up here in Iowa… Keep getting the best out of “Party Quirks” for us up North.

  2. tcpatton

    I’ll do my best, Kyle. Stay warm.

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