KJ’s Kitchen

And I didn’t take my camera.  It’s a cool place … 6 tables and a kitchen in an old house on Mayport road.  The owners, Tara and her husband (who’s name we didn’t get) and Rick the cook were very welcoming and boy was the food good.

Everyone at the table had the ribs, which are the special on Saturday night.  David had the oxtail.  Sides range from mac and cheese (which I had) to collard greens and black eyed peas and candied yams.  There’s plenty of hot sauce around the table.

We’ve driven past KJ’s Kitchen probably a thousand times.  I’d heard it was really good, and I’d heard correctly.

It was a bit like walking into a  place in Abaco … or probably any one of a number of small island restaurants in the Bahamas or Virgins.  People have been writing on the walls, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the start with the shirts and burgees and business cards and such.  Andie said it’s very reminiscent of Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar in New Plymouth, and it is.

So we had dinner.  Mike and Dallas, Andie and me, Pam Smith and David Gano.  Ribs and sides.  Hand prepared, darn tasty, and tons of it.  Under $25 for both of us.


That’s about it. really.  I’m sitting here looking at the screen and have nothing else jumping out of my brain and down my fingers.  I wrote for JaxDaily today, and that’s where a bunch of my writing energy went. Check there tomorrow morning for a post that I hope will have some relevance, but is very much a vanity piece.  It may also wind up as tomorrow post here, if I don’t get some inspiration.




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