Cold Again

I have two outdoor thermometers.  The one in the back of the house, mostly facing south, reads 45 degrees.  The one on the north side of the house is checking in at about 38.

Now, where you are on the 20th of February, that may not seem like it’s very cold.  But for the almost 9 years I’ve lived in Florida, this is as cold as I can remember it being this late in February.

I moved down here in part for the weather.  It always gets chilly in the wintertime.  And it was surprisingly mild most of December and the first part of January.  But these last few weeks have been surprisingly cold.  We had a couple of nights in the 20’s which mostly killed the stick plant I’ve been moving around the country since my grandmother passed away 15 or so years ago … maybe longer.

pencil4 My stick plant is also called a pencil cactus and technically Euphorbia Tirucalli. I’m not sure where Hartie first got it, but she always had stick plant. And we all took cuttings and started stick plants of our own.  This photo is from … because mine all got frozen.  It’s a hardy plant and tolerates everything but an extended hard freeze.

Well, all except the limbs Andie pruned back last summer and just tossed them on the ground near the house.  The proximity to the ground and the house kept them from freezing, and I’ve stuck them in some fertilizer-enhanced dirt, and they seem to be fine.

After 4 or 5 months just lying on the ground,  not rooted, not watered, just on the ground.  I’ll be able to salvage my stick plant.

It had grown to about 12 feet high.  Really.  so I hope I’m able to coax life out of the cuttings I think I’ve saved, or the deeply-rooted trunks that are still green and in the ground.  We’ll see.

But tonight, it’s cold.  So I moved the bits in pots into the sunroom.  It’ll be just enough warmer there and out of the wind, for it to be just fine.  It may be a couple more years before it’s too big again and has to be planted back in the ground.

I don’t want to open the “Climate Change” debate again here, because I know a few cold days late in the season are not indicative of climate.  But I’m still not convinced.

Now 43 degrees out back, where the patio pavers have held the afternoon heat.  36 on the north side of the house.

I’m hoping this is the last of the real cold snaps this year.  I’m ready for the Florida weather I expected when I moved down.  For tonight, there’s a fire in the fireplace, our carbon footprint is increasing, but my toes are warm.

There’s something to be said for that.




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One response to “Cold Again

  1. Everything is relative. A cold snap to you in Florida will feel the same as sub-zero weather to a Minnesotan.

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